Maci Bookout: Ryan Edwards' Perfect Girl Is...ME!

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The current season of Teen Mom: OG has offered up plenty of surprises.

Actually, on second thought, with the exception of Catelynn Lowell checking into rehab (which we knew about prior to the season premiere) the girls on the show have continued to behave exactly as we've come to expect.

(Amber still makes awful decisions; Farrah is still awful in general, etc.)

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In fact, the only one to really throw us any curveballs in recent weeks is Maci Bookout.

Breaking with Teen Mom franchise protocol, Maci has decided to actually maintain a semi-healthy relationship with her ex/baby daddy Ryan Edwards.

We say "semi-healthy" because while Maci hasn't gone the Jenelle Evans route of regularly getting arrested for violently attacking her child's father, she may have strayed too far in the other direction.

What we mean is - is it just us, or is there some lingering chemistry between these two?

Check out the interview below, in which Maci expounds on her idea for the "perfect match" for Edwards.

“Ryan’s perfect match would be–this is going to sound ridiculous– someone exactly like me but maybe not such a hard ass,” Maci says.

“Like someone who is willing to put up with a little more of his s--t than I was willing to put up with.”

Uh ... what now?

That's kind of a weird thing to say about anyone you're not currently dating, but it's an especially weird thing to say about your ex, especially when you're about to marry someone else.

Maci is engaged to Taylor McKinney these days, but it's beginning to look like she still carries a torch for Edwards.

Ryan Edwards Gun Pic

(Who's totes planning on attending the wedding, BTW.)

It could just be her ego talking when Maci says she'd be perfect for Ryan, but we can't imagine Taylor loves that she made that remark.

What is it about Edwards that she loves so much.

Is it his fondness for murdering cats and bragging about it on social media?

It must be.

What girl can resist an accomplished cat murderer?

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