Kendall Jenner Left Instagram to Get Lip Injections?

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Kendall Jenner needs to get away from the Kardashians/Jenners before they ruin her whole entire career, which is based on modeling, and not reality-TV famewhoring. 

As y'all know, Kendall took a nice, hefty, week-long break from Instagram to "detox," but we're pretty sure she just "re-toxed" instead, injecting her lips with God-knows-what. 

In a brand-new pic, Kendall's lips look huge.  

Kendall Jenner Side by Side Lips Photo

Beyond huge, for Kendall, anyway. 

Compared to sister Kylie's massive lips, they look almost like your average lips ... but if you're pretty familiar with what Kendall looked like before, you'll see a big difference.  

This is her old mouth -- we're so sorry.  

No, really -- we're sorry that the world has to deal with another Jenner that looks like a blowup doll version of a clown face. 

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner Celebrate Kris Jenner's Haute Living Cover

Yeah. It seems very obvious that things are all different now, and Kendall's Instagram "break" was just a ruse to distract us from the real issue at hand. 

Which, of course, would be the fact that she's spending way too much time trying to emulate Kylie Jenner rather than focusing on herself and furthering her career. 

Folks spotted the new look during last night's Facebook Live Q&A session, and most of them weren't happy, because come on. 

Look at those lips again

Kendall Jenner Lips Close-Up Photo

Simply terrifying, isn't it? 

Some commenters weren't surprised that Kendall might've gotten work done, saying things like, "Do people really think these latest lip injections are the only work Kendall Jenner's ever had done?" and others were completely shocked. 

"Kendall Jenner is really going to sabotage her modeling career for fish lips?" another commenter cried, clearly appalled. 

Don't worry, though, totally truthful sister Kylie came to Kendall's defense and diffused any rumors that Kendall had work done.  

Apparently Kylie's been up to her old "overlining" tricks again. 

Cough, cough, ahem, okay. 

Crazy Kylie Lips

Kylie took her venting to Snapchat, where she said, "You guys, Kendall let me overline her lips today with lip liner and now everyone thinks she got lip injections."

"Sorry, Kendall," she apologized. 

Again with the "overlining" business. 

Why can't these women just be truthful in what they may or may not be doing?  

We're not stupid, you know. 

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