Kate Middleton-Prince William Divorce Rumors Heat Up: What Did the Queen Say?!?

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Is Kate Middleton pregnant?

This has been the question that's been asked about Prince William's gorgeous better half for several months now.

But might it also be the question that is tearing Kate and William apart? And might it need to be replaced by the following question instead:

Are Kate and William headed for a divorce?!?

Kate Middleton Glares at William

This once-unthinkable possibility has been raised GamenGuide, which is apparently a website.

According to a new report, the site claims that Kate and Williams are under fire from Queen Elizabeth, who is sick and tired of all the pregnancy speculation and who wants the beloved couple to "get [its] act together."

And if they do not?

The Queen is prepared to anoint Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to become the next King and Queen of England.

But, wait, you might be saying... Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not even married yet!

This is true. But this also could be false any day now

This article goes on to hilariously say that the Queen is sort of like a sports coach of some kind and is unhappy with the "performance" of Kate and William of late.

She is disappointed in what they have (or have not) achieved and she thinks all this third pregnancy talk has caused a ruckus within the royal family.

kate pulled quote

The possibility that Kate is pregnant is affecting all those around her.

For example, Pippa Middleton may need to push back her upcoming wedding so that it doesn't coincide with her sister giving birth.

Pippa may have a Royal Ass that simply won't quit, but she's aware that her nuptials would receive no attention at all if they take place around the time Charlotte and George get a sibling.

So that's how Elizabeth supposedly feels about this couple.

But how do the couple's representatives themselves feel?

Is the pressure getting to them?

Some outlets have taken note of William's bare ring finger in recent public appearances and speculated that he isn't happy in the marriage.

“Have you noticed how Prince William does not seem to be wearing his wedding ring whenever he and Kate Middleton go out as a family or attend royal engagements?” writes the Citizen Oracle.

This does appear to be valid.

Do you see a wedding photo in either of the William photos shared here?

Prince William and Kate Middleton Together

Then again, another insider doesn't think William's lack of a ring is cause for concern.

"Prince William is not much into jewelry," this source says.

"Except for a watch, he is often seen without any jewelry pieces on. His decision not to wear a wedding ring is something he and Kate Middleton had discussed even before they got married.”

Oh. Well... okay then.

Kate and William have weathered quite a few tabloid storms over their time together.

We have a feeling they'll come out of his one just fine.

If not, however, it's nice that Harry has found himself a lady and that the press will still have a Royal couple to cover, even if one Royal couple breaks up.

Do you think Kate is pregnant again? Do you think the Queen really said this stuff about William and his wife?

Do you care at all?

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