Kate Middleton: Pregnant With Baby #3!! It's a ...

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Is Kate Middleton pregnant for the third time? 

Oh yes, according to a new report, which claims Kate is not only expecting, but fully aware of the baby's gender - and the name she'll give it:

Catherine E. Middleton

Kate Middleton and Prince William are already parents to a wonderful son and daughter ... and now have a beautiful baby girl on the way!

A baby girl they will name after his mother, Diana!

The late Princess tragically died at age 36 in 1997 in a horrifying car crash, an event that will live in infamy as well as the world's memory.

Few will ever forget where they were that day.

For William, she meant more to him than we will ever know, and Kate wants to honor her memory in the most special way imaginable.

According to Star magazine, anyway ...

Kate Middleton with Her Husband

“Kate knows how much Diana meant to William, and indeed, the citizens of England,” a royal source told the celebrity gossip publication.

With the birth of the couple's third child next year, “it will be the perfect way to show their affection for such a beloved icon.”

Truly, it would be a magnificent tribute.

We sort of doubt that it will happen - or that she's even pregnant again for that matter - but the idea alone brings a tear to your eye, no?

One gets the distinct impression that after two challenging pregnancies, and having birthed an heir and a spare as is, Kate is through.

Who knows, though. As for the name?

Dutchess of Cambridge

There's just no way they pick Diana. Maybe as a middle name, but they aren't the time to cast a shadow that large over their own child.

Meanwhile, for about the fifth time this year, and the 205th time in Kate's adult life, Life & Style also claims that Kate Middleton is pregnant.

And painfully skinny and at risk of complications.

"Despite a shockingly thin appearance, Kate Middleton can’t hide her joy at welcoming a third child with Prince William," reads the article.

"The 34-year-old is expecting baby No. 3."

Is she though? “Kate told her family about the pregnancy” and the “Middletons are thrilled,” says the magazine, though there's "concern."

Kate Middleton Wearing Yellow

At issue is the fact that she is "super slender," according to a "medical expert" who has never met Middleton quoted by a tabloid reporter.

Very journalistic and reliable, right?

Despite claims that "she's about 90 pounds" and that William feels "like Kate is all skin and bones and has no energy," we aren't worried.

Kate has always been thin. This is just a fact. Her build is such. She's a very healthy and attractive woman by any reasonable definition.

Bottom line? A third royal baby would be awesome, but we're just not holding our breath that it's happening anytime soon. Or at all.

If we had to bet on royal baby #3, we would put our money on seeing more racy pics like these before you see Kate pregnant again ...

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