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We know, we know – you’ve heard this one many times before.

At this point rumors that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are getting back together are like Joe Biden memes:

They’ve been all over your social media feed for as long as you can remember; they were mildly amusing at first, but now they’re just distracting you from pricing DIY bunker kits and one-way tickets to Belize.

Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck in Los Angeles

(Side note: when did Biden become the new Harambe? One is wrapping up a 5-decade career as an esteemed public servant; the other is a dead gorilla.)

Anyway, this time around, there’s genuine reason to believe that Bennifer 2.0 is back in time for the holidays.

Entertainment Tonight – who’s up there with pre-Trump cover People in terms of objectivity and reliability – has a published a list of reasons that support their hypothesis that Ben and Jen have reconciled.

For starters, it seems Affleck and Garner have been attending church together – every weekend.

"They sat very close to each other," an eyewitness on Sunday told ET.

"There wasn’t any distance between them."

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Paris

There was a time when they were hitting Sunday services together, but everyone assumed it was just PR for Jen’s upcoming faith-based flick.

Now, that movie has long since left theaters, and she’s still getting Ben to drag his hangover out of bed, which may mean this thing is for real.

On top of that, they voted together last week.

The couple was spotted leaving their polling places rocking "I Voted" stickers, and it seems Ben didn’t even ruin the occasion by erupting into a giggle fit and revealing that he wrote-in Harambe (RIP, baby boy).

Bennifer Pic

Of course, there could be lots of reasons for those first two decisions.

The real kicker is that Ben and Jen still live together:

"He still lives on the property in Brentwood, California, but in separate living quarters," one insider tells ET.

It would be one thing if they were just sharing property for the sake of the kids, but as evidenced by their frequent family outings, the actors are still in very close contact with one another.

Oh, and there’s that little matter of the fact that Affleck and Garner haven’t filed for divorce almost 18 months after their separation.

If this is their idea of breaking up, we’d hate to see them rip a Band-Aid off.