Joy-Anna Duggar: Courting, Getting Married ASAP at Parents' Urging?!

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Joy Anna Duggar just turned 19, but with Jinger married now, she may be the Duggar family member to navigate the ol' courtship rules next.

Fans feel that since Jim Bob and Michelle are putting her in more pics than ever on the family's Instagram, Joy-Anna is next in line to court.

Joy Duggar Pic on Insta

With a girl as pretty, smart, fun and sweet as Joy Anna is, who can blame them? Except for people who wish they'd chill on the courting?

The most recent picture of Joy-Anna features her with her nephew Israel, who as you know if you watch Counting On online, is Jill's son.

Obviously, like all the Duggar girls, maternal instincts and love for babies are in her DNA ... but will she soon be having some of her own?

Her daily life is airing now on TLC, and especially after Jinger's wedding episode, it might be Joy-Anna’s turn to step into the spotlight.

After all, she's one of the eligible girls in the family to start courting, and given the family business, the pressure to get engaged is strong.

Joy and Israel

Before any suitors come barging into her life, though, she has her brothers, who have promised they will seriously vet any real candidates.

“For me, he would almost have to be a perfect guy,” Jedidiah said to People of that possibility. “And he would go through a lot of testing!”

Josiah added, “If guys come around, they’re going to have to get through a few guys. [I’m] talking about me and [my brother] Joseph.”

“If a guy shows up to court Joy, there will definitely be a lot of us standing back a little bit, kind of checking him out,” Joseph then interjected.

Despite the humor of a pair of young virgins threatening an outsider (like Jeremy Vuolo in Jinger's case), the sentiment is quite sweet.

Joy-Anna, Joseph Duggar

It's clear that the birthday girl (she turned 19 just a few weeks ago) is loved by all the members of her family, especially by her brothers.

Those who are closer in age to her, including the now-married Jinger, have long been Joy-Anna's biggest fans and most vocal champions.

“I think it’s really neat to see throughout the years [how] she’s really changed and grown up a lot,” Jinger said, according to the magazine.

“Years ago, she would have been the tomboy out in the trees and climbing all over the place, never wanting to fix her hair.”

Not any longer.

Joy-Anna Duggar Birthday Image

Joy has said:

“I think being the only girl in the middle of eight brothers, I was definitely a tomboy back in the day, I was always hanging out with my brothers."

“But now I’m kind of getting out of that stage," she says, as she closes in on her third decade on Earth, "and trying to grow out of that.”

Despite being close to Jinger, Joy-Anna was not chosen as her maid of honor at her wedding; Jessa Duggar got the nod in that department.

It was not immediately clear why Jinger made that selection, or why no one ever seems to talk about Jana Duggar courting at age 26.

Still, there's little doubt that if, and when, Joy-Anna is thinking about courting and getting engaged, there will be no shortage of suitors.

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