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Has Joy-Anna Duggar become the new Jana Duggar?

By that, we mean the unheralded, beloved Duggar daughter who doesn’t get the attention of her sisters, but has become a fan favorite?

However you would describe her, Joy-Anna, 19, is a rising star in her own right and has become a big reason to watch Counting On online.

What’s not to love about J-to-the-A? She’s bright. She’s well-rounded. She has the most beautiful smile. She can dead lift her own weight.

She wears shorts (yes, shorts … we’re not kidding)!

She’s a well-rounded young woman with a bright future, and hopefully, with the onset of the new show, she’ll get to really spread her wings.

We’re still holding out home for that (along with Jana), but you never know how things are gonna play out in Tontitown. That’s just reality.

Anyway, get to know Joy via the photos below!