Josh and Anna Duggar: SO HAPPY Together at Jinger Duggar-Jeremy Vuolo Wedding!

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In a rare public appearance, Josh and Anna Duggar were spotted at his younger sister Jinger’s wedding to Jeremy Vuolo on Saturday.

What was the couple's mood like?!

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Josh and Anna both appeared to be in good spirits along with many others on hand as Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo in Arkansas.

The former 19 Kids and Counting star even flashed a wedding band on his finger after rumors of Anna Duggar divorcing Josh Duggar.

"Josh and Anna seemed happy," a source reported from inside the Wedding of the Century, adding that Josh "had his arm around her."

"They were talking and smiling."

Does this put the divorce talk to rest? We wouldn't go that far, but then again, rumors of Anna leaving were likely overblown to begin with.

Josh and Anna Duggar Anniversary Photo

Last week, In Touch claimed that Anna and Josh's marriage was on shaky ground as the mom of four took stock of his previous scandals.

Obviously, the fact that Josh is a philandering child molester is not news to her, but her inner circle's views may be finally taking hold.

Hearing what close friends and family say, Anna reportedly "agrees and is angry that Josh has treated her so appallingly for so long."

"Hearing those outside views changed Anna incredibly," an insider adds, while the Duggars are reportedly concerned that she'll bail.

There's also talk that Anna can't get pregnant again (which we doubt), and that this sad fact may be influencing her decision as well.

In any case, "she will see a lawyer in the next few weeks to have divorce papers drawn up so she can rid herself of Josh," an insider says.

By now, you know the story of Josh Duggar's epic downfall that forever tarnished the family, but we’re obligated to restate it just the same:

In August 2015, Josh confessed that he'd been unfaithful to his wife after his account on infidelity website Ashley Madison was leaked.

This followed the revelation that he molested his younger sisters, including Jill and Jessa, while he was a teenager in the early 2000s.

He went into a faith-based treatment center for more than six months; Anna, by some miracle or desperation, has stuck by him thus far.

TLC yanked 19 Kids & Counting from the air in the wake of Josh's scandals, but soon rebranded the Duggars as the current Counting On.

Jinger Duggar Wedding Dress

The new iteration of the show chronicles the Duggars' life after the end of the original series, a.k.a. when Josh became persona non grata.

Jill, Jessa and their young adult siblings became the focal point, and Jinger and Jeremy's wedding will be a special episode on November 15.

"We are married!" Jinger confirmed Saturday.

"We are so thankful to God, our parents and our families and friends for celebrating this day with us and for helping us arrive at this moment in time."

"We love that we now are beginning our lives together as one, before God," the adorable couple wrote on their website after their nuptials.

Her parents issues a congratulatory video too:

Absent from the public eye, and social media, and photos from the big event, despite his allegedly "happy" appearance with Anna?

You guessed it, one Joshua James Duggar.

Not surprisingly, producers are already planning to bleach Josh (so to speak) from the event as it appears on television next Tuesday.

Expect none of his footage in the final edit.

As far as his future with Anna is concerned, despite the talk of her epiphany and decision to give him a well-deserved kick to the curb ...

We'll believe that when we see it.

What do you think? Will Anna finally pull the plug on a disastrous marriage that has brought her such despair? Or will she soldier on?

Discuss in the comments!

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