Anna Duggar: Leaving Josh Duggar Due to Inability to Get Pregnant?

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As you probably already know, the two main motivating forces behind just about everything the Duggars do in life are their religious beliefs and their ceaseless procreation.

Those two aspects of the Duggar experience are inextricably intertwined, as Jim Bob and Michelle raised their kids to adhere to the tenets of the much-maligned "quiverfull" movement, which teaches its proponents that God demands that reproduce as much as possible.

Josh, Anna Duggar and Family

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that today's crop of rumors claiming Anna Duggar is divorcing Josh Duggar have been linked to the couple's reported inability to have more children.

You might think that Anna would've already had plenty of reason to end her marriage, what with the barrage of Josh Duggar sex scandals that emerged last year.

But it seems she was able to forgive his various infidelities and unpunished sex crimes.

However, new reports claim that what she can't forgive is his infertility.

Josh and Anna Duggar Anniversary Photo

You see, shortly after Josh was released from rehab after six months of in-patient treatment for addictions to sex and pornography, he and Anna immediately reconciled.

She'd even visited him several times in his final weeks of treatment, each time being flown to the facility in rural Illinois by John David Duggar, an amateur pilot.

It was around this time that rumors of Anna getting pregnant with her fifth child began to surface.

It might seem insane to have a child with a man who was recently exposed as a child molester (and it absolutely is), but according to the Duggar mindset, a new baby is a sign that you're doing God's work, as well as a sort of squirming, pooping thumbs up from the Big Man himself.

Josh and Anna Image

Sources close to the family now say Anna is upset that she hasn't been able to get pregnant in the months since her reconciliation with Josh, and she's taking the situation as a sign that the universe doesn't approve of her marriage.

Again, it's a crazy divorce someone, especially in this case, where Anna has so many legitimate reasons to split.

But in the context of the Duggars belief system, it's not a far-fetched explanation for why Anna might finally be calling it quits on her trainwreck of a marriage.

Besides, who cares why she's leaving Josh?

As long as she's finally kicking his ass to the curb, we're satisfied.

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