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Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley absolutely destroyed both presidential candidates on last night’s 2016 Country Music Awards … and wow, was it brutal. 

They opened their hosting monologue and said, "The race is on and its on every channel, it’s making my head spin."

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley Destroy Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
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"We’re so sick of politics, we don’t even care who wins."

"Won’t it be refreshing, instead of the election, to watch us all singing up here?" they asked.

"Can you believe a bunch of hillbilly singers been doing this for 50 years?"

We could say the same about the shameful presidential election …

… But most of those folks can’t sing, and this BS has been going on for a lot longer than 50 years, which is the CMAs running tally, and wholly more impressive than this year’s election. 

Carrie Underwood at 2016 CMAs Photo
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Carrie continued, and announced the winner of the Entertainer of the Year, while Brad rallied behind her shouted "Lies! Crooked Carrie!" imitating Trump’s continued assault on Hillary Clinton

He interrupted her, and said, "I love all of you [nominees], but hashtag, ‘I’m with Carrie,’ " referencing Clinton’s campaign slogan.  

He wasn’t done there, though. 

"What I think doesn’t really matter [though], because this show is rigged," he said. 



Donald Trump GIF

When asked if Paisley would accept the evening’s results, Brad quipped, "Yes, if I win."  

Side note: Paisley wasn’t even nominated for anything, unlike Trump, who, sadly forever and ever, was.

Paisley then called Carrie a "nasty woman," and said that he would not, in fact, accept the awards show’s results.  

The gift basket? 

It was called a "bag of deplorables," of course, which included beer goggles and all things camouflage, as well as orange soda (?). 

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley's Bag of Deplorables at the 2016 CMAs
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All in all the segment was pretty entertaining … and to be honest, we’re pretty surprised that there was more Trump-mocking than there was Hillary-bashing, considering the country demographic, which historically leans toward a more conservative candidate. 

Not that Trump is conservative in any way, shape, or form … and that’s probably why he just doesn’t resonate with anybody but the crazies. 

It’s definitely Los Angeles in the deep south right now, because we’re still not in Kansas after all, friends.