Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton a "Nasty Woman," Hammers Nail Into Coffin of Own Campaign

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Well, it's finally all over.

That statement can be applied to both the 2016 presidential debates and to Donald Trump's wild ride as a major party's candidate for the White House.

At last night's debate at the UNLV campus in Las Vegas, Trump actually managed to keep his notorious temper in check for the first 20 minutes or so.

Donald Trump at the Third Debate

But like a kid left alone in a room full of Cheetos and fireworks, it was only a matter of time before Donald made a big orange mess out of everything.

As is the case any time you put Trump in front of a camera for 90 minutes, there were numerous jaw-dropping moments that would've likely been enough to bury any other campaign in the history of American politics.

At one point, the man actually stood before the nation and declared that he may not accept the results of the November election.

It's a sad day for the US when a candidate can undermine the bedrock principles of our democracy and still maintain a support base of millions.

But for many viewers that wasn't even the most shocking Trump moment of the night:

During a discussion about the future of Social Security, Hillary Clinton outlined a cogent plan to ensure that the beleaguered program will remain in place for future generations of Americans.

Trump, on the other hand, decided to remind everyone of why he should still be seated at the kids' table.

"We need to put more more money into the Social Security trust fund,” Clinton began.

"That's part of my commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy. My Social Security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald's, assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it."

Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton

Rather than take the opportunity to refute claims that he hasn't paid income tax in nearly two decades (Hey, we know he has no problem with lying!) Trump decided to "go low" in appalling fashion:

"Such a nasty woman,” he hissed into his mic.

Naturally, millions took to Twitter to roast the Donald to a crisp, but the best tweet of the night may have come from HRC herself:

Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump

Most candidates would be working on a gracious concession speech at this point, but we're sure Trump is brainstorming ways to signal to his base that it's pitchfork time in 140 characters or less.

But hey, we'd hate to let Donnie's time in the spotlight come to a close without saying anything positive, so, um...

He was sniffling a lot less, so ... maybe he switched to free-basing?

It's a far more presidential way of getting that booger sugar into your bloodstream.

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