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At this point in time, it’s beyond clear that Amber Portwood is not all that fond of Farrah Abraham.

Who is, right?

But Amber in particular has a bone to pick with her Teen Mom OG costar, and she proved it when she tried to beat her down during that reunion show.

There’s always been tension between Farrah and the rest of the moms, but things came to a head when Farrah commented that Amber’s fiance, Matt Baier, looks like a pedophile.

A source in the audience claimed that after that, “Amber stormed onstage and started yelling at Farrah.”

“Farrah was yelling at Amber to punch her,” the source says, and “Amber tried but just missed hitting Farrah.”

Amber must have been real fired up, because she’s done a lot of work over the years to try to get her anger issues under control.

Remember when she used to go off on her then-boyfriend, Gary Shirley, and hit him on national television?

Girl’s come a long way since then, but it seems like there’s just something about Farrah that brings that old rage back.

And judging by this saucy little Twitter rant that Amber went on about Farrah, she’s still pretty damn mad.

Things started when someone tagged Farrah, Amber, and Farrah’s sometimes boyfriend, Simon Saran, in a tweet that praised Farrah.

“Farrah has multiple jobs and money,” the person wrote. “She’s set for life. Amber just sits her life away.”

Amber took great offense to the comment, and replied with “I guess if you don’t boast about making a mill. dollars you’re just sitting around huh.”

Amber Portwood Mommy Makeover Photo
Photo via Instagram

“What multiple jobs?” she added. “Her 2 restaurants that failed as well as losing $ on the house she flipped.”

Another follower told her “I mean I like you but you’re no better than any other person.”

Amber, however, disagreed.

“I am 100% better than a person like her,” she claimed. “All day every day. Love.”

“Never said I was better than anyone else,” she told another follower.

“I’m humble. But I am better than her.”

Amber Portwood blond

And after all that sass, she deleted every single one of those tweets.

“I just can’t respond to negative things anymore,” she wrote. “I always feel horrible in the end.”

“Considering to just delete my Twitter.”

She didn’t though, of course. She just went right back to her continuous stream of animal pictures and messages of love.

Sunrise, sunset.

It really seems that Amber would feel better if she just left all this useless, stupid drama alone.

She’d certainly look better.

Like we said, she’s come a long way in these past couple of years, there’s no sense in throwing all that away for some ridiculous garbage person like Farrah.