Farrah Abraham: Will She Be FIRED From Teen Mom?!

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Earlier this week, a preview for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 showed Farrah Abraham attacking a producer of the show during one of her signature fits of rage.

The victim was beloved co-executive producer Larry Musnik, and several members of the Teen Mom cast have called for Teen Mom to be fired.

Of course, for MTV execs, axing Farrah would mean parting ways with one of the network's most reliable sources of ratings-grabbing drama.

Even so, they're reportedly considering letting go of Farrah for good, as sources say she's become too much of a liability for the popular Teen Mom franchise.

“They are very unhappy with her,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online. “There is so much animosity and tension between Farrah and everyone behind the scenes.”

Even cast members from other Teen Mom installments, such as Leah Messer, have weighed in and expressed their belief that Farrah was way out of line in attacking Musnik.

This isn't the first time that the other moms have taken issue with Farrah's behavior, and it likely won't be the past, but MTV has proven unwilling to cut ties with Farrah in the past.

And it's certainly not hard to see why. Love her or hate her, no one stirs things up quite like Ms. Abraham.

Watch Teen Mom online to relive some of Farrah's most bonkers moments.

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