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Hey, friends, have you taken the time to congratulate Khloe Kardashian on landing Tristan Thompson yet?

After all, Tristan plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, so in dating him, Khloe gets to add yet another professional athlete to her list of lovers.

It’s a pretty big deal — for the Kardashian family, hooking up with sports stars is like Pokemon. Gotta catch ’em all!

Khloe Kardashian Shares a Laugh

And it seems like Khloe has really and truly caught him, at least if we’re judging by all those crazy rumors.

For instance, had you heard that Tristan already knocked Khloe up?

The pregnancy rumors are pretty damn persistent, and last week a source close to Khloe claimed that she “wants to get pregnant naturally, and for sure a part of her would love it to be Tristan’s baby.”

The source added that “she’s so into him and he’s so gorgeous, she’s already commented on how beautiful their kids would be.”

Yeah, so definitely good reasons to have a baby, right?

You heard it here first, everyone: if you find a guy who’s attractive and you’ve been “into him” for a month or so, having a baby is totally a legitimate idea.

Tristan Thompson Picture

Also just go ahead and marry him while you’re at it — that’s what Khloe’s allegedly doing!

Another new report would have us believe that Khloe and Tristan are planning on getting their own reality show, and that their wedding will be aired on televisions worldwide.

But if all this is true, if Khloe is getting married and having a baby with Tristan and they’re all set to live happily ever after, then the rest of those pesky Kardashians better stay far away.

According to an insider who spoke with Radar, Tristan “finds the whole family pretty creepy, especially Kris.”

He’s reportedly “told Khloe to keep them away from him as much as possible.”

The poor guy is apparently so averse to the Kardashians that “Kris has had to back off after trying to reel him in for photo ops and appearances on the show, which is the last thing Tristan wants to be involved with.”

This insider does on to say that he “adores” Khloe and “does see a future with her,” but that he’s worried getting in tight with this family would leave him “destroyed,” like Lamar Odom.

“That’s the last thing he’s prepared to allow,” the insider asserted.

“He’s making a stand now and drawing a line in the sand.”

So if all this is true, then good for Tristan, but also shame on Tristan.

If he doesn’t want to help Kris Jenner promote her kids, then that’s obviously his choice, and it’s admirable that he’s standing up for himself.

Tristan Thompson

But what’s all this about the Kardashians “destroying” Lamar?

Last we checked, all of Lamar’s problems stem from his addiction issues, and those existed before he even met Khloe.

And even if they didn’t, it’s not like Khloe and her family forced drugs on Lamar to create a juicy storyline for their show.

We hope that if Tristan is truly happy with Khloe — happy enough to marry and have a baby with her — that he won’t let unfounded fears like these get in the way.

However, if he wants to keep Kris at a distance, just in case … well, who can blame him?