Ray J and Chris Brown: We're Coming For You, Kanye!!!

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Ray J is about to send another message to Kanye West.

Back in June, shortly after Kanye released the music video for "Famous" and included Ray J as one of several naked celebrities in the footage, a friend of the hip hop artist delivered quite a takedown of West.

He did it in question form, asking Kanye:

Hey, remember when your wife sucked Ray J's penis?

Ray J in a Tuxedo

It was a pretty awesome response.

But Ray J now says he's set to deliver an even better one.

In the studio these days to work on his upcoming album (amazingly titled “Raydemption”), the former Kim Kardashian sex tape star tells Billboard that he’s set to record a track with Chris Brown.

But not just any track

It will be a revenge track aimed at Kanye and it will also be titled "Famous."

This is the most incredible news we've heard all week.

The likeness of a nude Chris Brown was also included in Kanye's music video for his "Famous."

“You can’t fault me and Chris for responding to all the things that have been done about us [in the media] over the last few months," Ray J told Billboard of the impetus behind this single. 

Chris Brown Looks Up

We're not entirely sure if that's an accurate statement.

Brown did beat the living Hell out of Rihanna a few years ago and continues to exhibit rage-filled, unremorseful behavior.

Ray J, meanwhile, is pretty much revered for his role in the aforementioned Kim Kardashian sex tape and continues to receive royalties from the video.

We watch Love & Hip Hop online each week simply out of our affection for Brandy's scarcely talented brother.

We're not sure what Ray J has to complain about.

But no matter! We can't wait to hear this song!

Ray J was at Brown's Tarzana, California residence in August when the artist was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after a woman at his home accused the singer of pointing a gun at her.

He came to his pal's defense at the time, recording a video that said "this sh-t" with Brown simply has to stop.

"I support the homie Chris [Brown] and I support the whole movement…"Ray J says in the following clip.

This won't be the first time Ray J takes a shot at West.

In April of 2009, Ray J released a single titled "I Hit It First," which centered on the fact that... well... he hit Kim Kardashian first.

Not in the way that his friend, Brown, likes to hit women. In the sexual sense, we mean.

Relive that awe-inspiring diss track below:

Now married to Princess Love, Ray J was asked by Billboard if he still talkes to Kardashian.

“Shhh…. I’m married," he replied. "Married men don’t do that. We don’t talk about women. I love my wife. Period. Period. Period.”

So does this mean we'll never see Kim Kardashian Superstar the Sequel, featuring Ray J? That's too bad.

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