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Now we know things are serious between Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.

Because there’s talk that Kardashian and Thompson are engaged?

Because there’s talk that Kardashian is PREGNANT with Thompson’s baby?

Not exactly. We’ll believe those rumors when see a diamond ring or a young child.

The Hollywood Gossip

No, we are now convinced this relationship is the real thing because Khloe was willing to spend a night in Cleveland just to spend time with Thompson.

The two might as well be married, right?!?

(No offense, Cleveland. We’re guessing you don’t care what jokes we make these days anyway, with that whole NBA title thing and Indians-in-the-World-Series thing going on.)

Khloe touched down in Ohio on Tuesday in order to help Thompson celebrate the championship he helped the Cavaliers win in June.

On opening night in the NBA,Thompson, LeBron James and company received their championship rings.

And Khloe was right there to cheer her relatively new man on, Snapchatting videos of herself showering Thompson with support during the ring ceremony.

The Hollywood Gossip

Kardashian also showed off Thompson’s personalized bottle of rose, which featured his name and team number in gold sparkly letters.

The Hollywood Gossip

Later on in the evening, the stars ended all questions over their dating status.

Yes, many might say they ended these questions when they were spotted kissing at a Drake concert in September.

But someone else filmed that lip lock. It wasn’t necessarily a public statement made by Kardashian and Thompson.

But this is: the couple snapped a hand selfie of their respective bling, with Khloe sharing to Instagram a photo of her giant ring actually being dwarfed by that of Thompson.

See it for yourself here:

The Hollywood Gossip

It’s worth noting that Kardashian dated Houston Rockets guard James Harden last year and his team went on to have a very disappointing season.

This is why LeBron is worried about the effect Khloe could have on Cleveland’s title defense.

Does he have a right to be? Well… Thompson scored zero points last night and only collected six rebounds.

However, the Cavs beat the Knicks by nearly 30 points. They are undefeated to start the 2016-2017 season.

As long as the Cavs keep winning, we doubt any teammates will care about who Thompson is boinking.

But if the team drops a few in a row? And his production tails off? And he continues to spend a lot of time with the member of a family who is sort of known for destroying the careers of athletes?

Then all bets will be off.

Not even Kris Jenner can stand up to LeBron James.