Kardashian Athlete Exes: The Complete Ball-Her Rankings

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This not exactly just in: The Kardashians love their athletes.

From football players to basketball players to race car drivers, members of this famous family have kept their playing fields open to stars from nearly every professional sport.

But which of these athletes has accomplished the most outside of the bedroom? We rank them by athletic achievements below...

14. Bret Lockett

Bret Lockett
Bret Lockett had seven tackles in a very brief NFL career. But the former safety claimed to In Touch magazine that he once had an affair with Kim Kardashian behind Kris Humphries’ back.

13. Rashad McCants

Rashad McCants
The only thing less memorable than Rashad McCants's NBA career was his time dating Khloe Kardashian.

12. Derrick Ward

Derrick Ward
Ward dated Khloe back in 2009, even going to Mexico with her to celebrate Kourtney's birthday. He finished a six-year NFL career with just 2,628 rushing yards.

11. Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson
Clarkson is actually a promising young point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. He averaged 15.5 points per game in 2015-2016. But a lack of experience lands him at the bottom of these rankings.

10. Miles Austin

Miles Austin
Miles Austin had two strong seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, breaking the 1,000-yard receiving mark in 2009 and 2010. But he's been a disappointment ever since, much like his lack of a sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

9. Chandler Parsons

Chandler Parsons
Chandler Parsons admits to having had dinner with Kendall Jenner, although he says it was a "group" thing. Hey, we don't need details, man! We just need you to rehab your knee injury and get back on the court.

8. Kris Humphries

A career 6.8 points per game and 5.5 rebounds per game may not sound like much, but The Hump has played in 12 NBA seasons and counting.

7. Matt Kemp

A former runner-up for National League MVP, Kemp has seen his career derailed by injuries. Shockingly, he has stopped dating celebrities just as he's stopped piling up home runs.

6. Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson
Tristan Thompson is dating Khloe Kardashian in the fall of 2016. While not technically an ex, yet, these girls cycle through ballers like Double-T racks up offensive rebounds, so this should be a worthy inclusion soon enough.

4. Lamar Odom

The guy won two NBA titles. Off the court, he took too many drugs and slept with too many call girls, but you can't take those rings away.

3. James Harden

James Harden
Harden finished second in the MVP voting in 2014-2015. But he came into the following season out of shape, largely because he spent the summer sleeping with Khloe, and then led the league in turnovers.

2. Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton
Again, just a rumor, but Hamilton was once spotted leaving Kendall Jenner's apartment. And you know what they might mean! He was the 2008, 2014 and 2015 Formula One World Champion. Not shabby!

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

It's only been rumored that Cristiano Ronaldo once hooked up with Kim. But this Real Madrid legend has won the FIFA Ballon d'Or award twice and is one of the top 10 soccer players of all-time.

0. Caitlyn Jenner

Jenner won the Gold Medal in the Decathlon at the 1976 Olympics. Yes, long before he became CAITLYN Jenner, he was considered the best athlete... in the entire world.

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