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It sure seems like we’re in for a thrilling final season for The Vampire Diaries!

On The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 2, Bonnie, Stefan and Caroline tried their best to get Damon and Enzo back, but it failed miserably. 

Let’s start with the HUGE opening scene. Damon walks into a bar and finds Sybil an evil person to eat. It’s sort of his sole purpose right about now, but I’m digging it.

Sarah Salvatore Is Back on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 2
Photo via The CW

Sybil revealed she checked the internet and compelled her victim to drown in the water calmly, so he she would have a better experience of consuming him. 

However, Damon had other ideas and revealed the best way to kill is when the victim knows what’s happening.

To which Sybil then let the dude drown in pain. She’s all for keeping it classy. 

Sybil was royally pissed that both Damon and Enzo were hiding stuff from her, so she went all-out in her quest to break Enzo’s spirit.

The name Sarah Nelson popped up and that set us up for the big mission. 

If you are sitting there wondering who the heck Sarah Nelson is, don’t fret.

Her name was actually Sarah Salvatore, but Enzo forced her to change her identity in order to stay safe. 

As you can probably expect, Enzo set out to murder two people named Sarah Nelson so that Stefan, Bonnie and Caroline could locate Sarah Salvatore before he, Damon and Sybil did. It was a good enough plan. 

Enzo and Damon set off to "kill" Sarah, but she was quick to inject Damon with some vervain in order to make a swift escape, but Enzo managed to talk her round.

He filled her in on all the crazy details and headed back to her apartment. 

The troubling thing about all of it was that Bonnie, Stefan and Caroline were sitting pretty in the apartment. This floored Enzo, who did not expect to come face-to-face with Bonnie again. 

Enzo revealed the details of the hold Sybil had over him, but she persisted to have him return home.

This resulted in her knocking him out and driving in the opposite direction. 

However, Enzo woke up and was less than impressed with Sybil’s siren calling him back.

This forced Bonnie to turn around and let her go, but she botched the mission to save Sarah. 

Damon showed up and tried to murder Sarah, but Stefan managed to talk him round when he said she was a member of their family.

With the three of them coming to a small agreement to get Sarah the heck out of town, Sybil showed up. 

I Want the Cure...
Photo via the cw

As you can probably guess, she was all too happy to stick the knife right into Sarah’s stomach.

With Sarah bleeding out, Sybil managed to intercept Damon’s memories and replaced all the memories of Elena with herself. 

Pretty smart. Right?!

Fans of the show will no doubt be super annoyed, but Damon is now well and truly in cahoots with Sybil.

Poor Sarah bled out on the spot and died. Damon and Sybil exited the scene with a smirk on each of their faces. 

Later, Sybil and Damon ambushed Enzo and we got a glimpse of Enzo getting some smooches from Bonnie. It was pretty clear the next one on the hit list had become Bonbon.

Bonnie Is On A Mission on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 2
Photo via The CW

Caroline made her feelings clear to Bonnie about ruining the mission. If you think about it, Bonnie was the one to blame for Sarah’s death. Bonnie was all too happy to reveal that her life was in pieces since losing Enzo. 

She noted that Caroline had her kids and Stefan. She had a point.

This forced Caroline to reveal she will help save Enzo, no matter how long it takes. It’s probably going to take another 14 episodes because that’s how many episodes are left. 

Stefan was cut up about losing his last living relative, but he lightened the mood by proposing to Caroline and she totally said YES.

The writers are being very nice to Steroline at the moment, but I see that changing very soon. 

In other events, Ric and his intern who was hot for teacher bonded. She revealed that she went to hell once for killing her best friend and basically gave herself a PHD in all things hell. 

She got wound up when she found the tattoo she had in the book, but the big twist came when she found an object that had been created in hell. 

Yikes, we’re only on episode 2 and things are already getting crazy!

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