Teen Mom OG Sneak Peek: Who Gets the Boot?

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Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards are actually getting along pretty well these days.

Unlike many other relationships between exes on Teen Mom, the former couple are maintaining what we'd like to call a semi-healthy relationship.

Heck, Bookout recently admitted that Ryan's perfect girl would be... well... HER.

Larry vs. Ryan

But the same definitely cannot be said about Ryan Edwards and his parents.

Those who watch Teen Mom OG online or on television will see what we mean in just a few days.

In the following sneak peek, we see Ryan engaged in an epic argument with his father, only to eventually be given the boot from their home.

This explosive clip actually features an MTV producer named Jaala, who sits down with Ryan’s dad, Larry, and his mom, Jen, to talk about their decision to kick their son to the curb after months of clashing over various issues.

And Larry doesn't seem too disturbed by the development.

“Good riddance,” he says. “It was a long time coming.”

Pressed to expound on the catalyst for his resolve to send his own packing, the exasperated dad responds:

“It’s just Ryan. I’m over his lies. I’m over his laziness, selfishness. I’m done with it.”

Parents of Ryan

Well, okay then. Don't sugarcoat anything, Dad. Tell us how you really feel.

While Larry continues to explain his reasons for cutting ties with Ryan, Deb appears to be holding back tears.

It's all too much for a mother to handle.

She then says that Ryan is staying at her parents’ home, which she and her siblings own together and which they are planning to sell.

But Larry has something scathing to say about this as well.

“You better sell it to him for what you were gonna sell it for, too,” he warns. “You better, you better. You better not damn lie about it either ‘cause I’ll find out eventually.”

Ryan, of course, is the father to Maci's seven-year old son, Bentley.

Ryan Edwards on the Couch

At one point in this clip, Jen suggests that Edwards being on his own will be actually good for him.

But Larry doesn't even care. He makes it very clear that he isn't even trying to assist his offspring.

“I’m done with him forever. I don’t want him anywhere around me ever,” Larry admits. “And I never wanna be around him ever ‘cause I’m tired of that bloodsucking leech. I’m over it.”

Sheesh, man. That's your own kid! Harsh.

Jen can't even handle hearing this. She gets up to leave.

And Larry just continues his rant:

"I'm not crying about it," he says. “Look, I was number-two from day one. Then I went to number-three after Bentley.

"I don’t mind after Bentley, but I’m not playing behind him anymore. Hell, no. If [my wife] don’t like it, she can get her s--t and get out."

Larry concludes his diatribe by referring to Ryan - HIS OWN SON! - as “a f-cking bum” and letting it be known that “[he] wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire."

Gee, we wonder why Ryan has had so many problems in life?

Watch the clip of Larry simply going off on Ryan below:

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