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Last night on an emotional Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 8, Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney welcomed their second child together.

What else happened on this latest installment of the MTV hit?

Let’s break down Maci’s momentous occasion, the life and times of the human enigma that his Farrah Abraham and much, much more …

Watch Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 8 Online
Watch Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 8 Online

As Maci prepared to give birth, Taylor McKinney was thrilled.

Why? Obviously, “I need my drinking partner back,” he said.

Oh, and the baby thing. Baby Maverick was born, and the montage of moments featuring the family, especially Bentley, were so touching.

Of course, there’s always the black cloud hanging over her every day, Ryan Edwards, who didn’t care about going to son’s big game.

“Is there some sort of chemical imbalance for him not to feel the same way?” Maci wondered, lamenting her ex’s lack of interest again.

Or to kill cats for fun and brag about it on Instagram? Likely.

Farrah Abraham Cries Over Simon Saran

Fortunately, Bentley and Maci’s daughter Jayde were over the moon about their new sibling, and she and Taylor are in a great place.

Down in Miami, meanwhile, Farrah Abraham celebrated her 25th (going on 40th) birthday at an “exclusive club” minus Simon Saran.

Yup, those two are on the outs for the thousandth time.

“Is it done?” Michael, Farrah’s dad, asked. Her reply?

M.O.M. (Made of Money)

“I can’t believe the person who I was trying to have a good relationship with really turned out to be someone who is kind of unstable.”

“I mean, I don’t want him around in my life," she wept.

"I think he’s a negative person, and I can’t stand it.”

Farrah’s mom, Debra, told her she deserves "a man that is self-made. somebody who is accomplished … like a doctor or a lawyer.”

Hmm. Farrah does dabble in businessmen. And may be an actual escort. Who needs when you can just get paid for …

Enough about that. In any case, out in Indiana, Gary Shirley wants Amber Portwood, Matt Baier and everyone to get along for Leah.

Amber’s take on his olive branch: “Ummm, no, it’s OK.”

“I wish we’d get along better,” Gary told a producer later, upset that he was being rebuffed. “Anything I do, it comes from a good place.”

His wife Kristina Anderson added, “It’s always for Leah."

Hopefully Gary Shirley and Matt Baier can become best friends eventually, even if it’s a slower process than Gare Bear might prefer.

Catelynn Lowell Still Struggles with Drug Use After Rehab

Finally, Catelynn Lowell’s month in rehab is up, but the star’s future is cloudy, as a conversation with Tyler Baltierra showed.

Her mom flat-out accused her of being on something, too.

“I could’ve sworn the other day you were high. … You’ve been smoking, haven’t ya?” Kim asked her, and Cate … was evasive.

“It’s something that I probably won’t talk about ‘cause I don’t want the whole world to know,” Lowell replied, glancing at the cameras.

Tyler said “she’s responsible for her, and I’m responsible for me.”

Wow. Talk about uncomfortable.

If you can believe it, things only got worse from there as he took her out for a Mother’s Day dinner and made comments to the effect of:

“You’re really indulging." (As he watched his heifer eat food.)

“Happy F–king Mother’s Day.” (As he arranged her flowers.)

“That’s what you get for women driving f–king trucks." (After Cate put a scratch on his and Ty made the loudest sigh in history.)

Feel the love.