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Ryan Edwards kills cats for fun, and he’s not sorry about it.

Ryan Edwards Gun Pic

Maci Bookout’s ex and the father of her son Bentley starting bragging about murdering cats on social media, which upset a lot of people.

We can’t imagine why, given that the Internet is essentially comprised of people who love cats and harass Teen Mom cast members.

So why does the Tennessee native do it?  

According to Radar Online, Edwards explained to everyone online who doesn’t understand that these evil cats are vandals!

And car scratchers! And all-around unpleasant animals that pee on everything and pretty much deserve what’s coming to them.

They are the worst!

Ryan Edwards with Maci Bookout

Edwards, always so eloquent with his words, posted this message to all them haters, dropping knowledge they can’t even understand.

Ryan says to anyone questioning the one-man cat extinction:

"When they start living under you [sic] house and having 100 babies that scratch your car and boat and piss on everything and get into your garbage let me know."

"Lol and you can go to jail for vandalizing people’s property and trespassing so I guess I’ll call the cops next time lol. Like you ppl are stupid.  

Ryan Edwards Cat Killing

Ryan continued his epic anti-feline diatribe:

"I’m sure ya’ll will come fix my boat and car after they scratch the s**t out of it… wait no you won’t so SHUT THE F**K UP!" 

We’re guessing Animal Control was too busy to read the Teen Mom star’s Instagram and come help with the problem.

"Y’all need to google what ppl do to cats in different countries if you worried about me, " he continued.

Not one to let a few goody two-shoes harsh his vibes, Edwards updated everyone on his latest kill.

Ryan Edwards Cat Killing Instagram

"I got a full size brown one tonight," he wrote, egging people on.

"I think I got all the little ones so just the devil black cat is left."

Eager to further rile up those opposed to his killing of cats, Edwards shared a photo of his rifle at the dinner table with the caption, "LOL."

"Fucking savage," one person wrote.

"This is so sad for these poor cats," another wrote.

Ryan Edwards gun

Trolling at its best/worst. Think he’s actually serious?

And in a move that makes us think he might be not just a lazy, deadbeat dad, but an actual sociopath, Edwards wrote this response:

"You ppl make me laugh this is such great entertainment.

Just double-checking on this, but Bookout – now the mother of two more kids with Taylor McKinney – has full custody of Bentley, right?