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Brad Pitt has already moved on from Angelina Jolie.

According to a very reliable source, the actor is has entered into a relationship with another very famous star: Jennifer Garner!

And Garner is the one who has confirmed this relationship! For real! Sort of!

Jennifer Garner in Toronto
Photo via Getty

The actress was walking with a friend early on Monday morning when she decided to have some fun with the paparazzi.

When one shutterbug asked Garner how she was doing, the actress replied:

"Brad Pitt and I are dating," she said.

"You’re dating Brad Pitt?" the videographer asked.

"Yeah!" Garner responded with a laugh, coffee in hand.

But was she joking around? Or is the Internet about to explode while reporting on and gossiping over Hollywood’s next power couple?

See Garner make the comment below and decide for yourself:

We’re just kidding. Garner was clearly just having some fun with the disgusting fake journalist.

(Seriously, what are these people doing?!? Garner is simply walking down the street with a friend. She’s on her way to the gym. How is this something worth filming in any way, shape or form?)

Garner and Pitt, of course, are both involved in two of the highest-profile breakups of the past year or two.

The world is still trying to come to grips with Angelina Jolie’s divorce filing from Pitt, which took place on September 19.

The stars who formerly comprised "Brangelina" reached a temporary agreement last Friday that places their six kids under Jolie’s care and which orders each half of the estranged couple to attend counseling sessions.

But this agreement only lasts until October 20, at which time an ugly custody battle may truly begin.

Garner, meanwhile, comprised one half of "Bennifer 2.0" along with Ben Affleck.

Until, that is, she stunned the universe herself last year when she filed to divorce her famous husband of 10 years.

"After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to divorce. We go forward with love and friendship for one another," Ben and Jen said in a joint statement at the time.

But there have been many sightings since of Garner and Affleck together.

Are they remaining on very good terms for the sake of their three children?

Or, as various tabloids continue to claim, is there hope for a romantic reconciliation? Is Affleck actually moving back in with Garner?

Jennifer Garner Life & Style Cover Photo
Photo via Life & Style
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Star Magazine Cover

The actress opened up about her marriage’s demise in the March issue of Vanity Fair, saying that she’s she’s aware people are waiting for her and Ben to get back together. 

And take a look at who she referenced while making this statement.

"When Jen Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up, I was dying to see something that said they were getting back together," Garner admitted to the magazine.

That never happened, of course.

Pitt went on to marry Jolie.

But now that this marriage has also fallen apart, it’s worth asking whether Garner might somehow give Pitt a shot herself?

And then it’s worth us answering that question before readers get carried away: No. She will not.