Farrrah Abraham: Is She Working as an Escort?!

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Farrah Abraham has worn many hats in the years since she rose to fame as a Teen Mom OG.

Farrah has sold vibrating molds of her own orifices.

She's "written" erotic novels (and children's books).

Farrah Abraham AVN Expo 2015

She's sold furniture online.

She's opened a children's boutique where her 7-year-old daughter calls the shots.

She starred in a "celebrity sex tape," and she spent so much time explaining the difference between sex tapes and porn that it may as well have been her job.

Believe it or not, that's not even the complete list of Farrah's business ventures.

The girl's got her name on more products than Trump, is what we're saying.

(Farrah Steaks are probably headed to a grocery store near you at this very moment.)

Farrah Abraham SiriusXM 2013

Anyway, like Kim Kardashian before her, much of Farrah's empire is centered around her sex life.

And that may be part of the reason that rumors about Farrah working as an escort have been circulating online.

It all started when a former sex worker noted that some of Simon Saran's recent tweets made it sound as though he was serving as a facilitator for paid sexual liaisons with his famous girlfriend.

And yes, that's just a fancy way of saying "pimp."

The anonymous ex-prostitute pointed out Simon's unusual wording during a recent interview with Radar Online.

“He tweeted, ‘Run it like a business. Treat it like a business. Be the business. No emotions involved. It’s just business,'” she told Pressroom VIP.

“I used to tell myself things like that constantly. Almost verbatim."

Farrah Abraham: Kim Kardashian?

She added:

"I cannot imagine someone saying those specific things about their normal ‘vanilla’ job. I could be completely wrong, but the immediate thing I thought was ‘She’s escorting, and he’s managing her.’”

The former escort also pointed to other possible red flags, such as Farrah's seemingly constant travel and Saran's fondness for posting revealing photos of her on his Instagram page.

“I can most definitely see these risqué snaps of his being ‘teasers’ to recruit potential clients,” the woman told Radar.

“Everything looks and sounds way too familiar from my own experiences.”

Saran spoke with Radar to deny the rumors:

“No, I am not a pimp,” he said. “I have morals. Yes, I do take trips often. That doesn’t mean I am doing anything illegal. I slaved for years to get my business where it is today to give me financial freedom.”

Farrah Abraham in yellow gown

This isn't the first time that rumors about Farrah working as an escort have surfaced online.

Myla Sinanaj - whom you might remember as the porn star and Kim Kardashian look-alike who may or may not have banged Kris Humphries - is a former friend of Farrah's.

We say "former" because Myla telling press outlets that Farrah was working as a hooker kinda put the kibosh on their friendship.

“She flew out to see him and everything,” Myla told Radar in 2014.

“She said they give you money to like go on vacation or to go shopping. They pay your bills.”

At the time, Farrah denied the rumors.

Curiously, this time she has yet to say anything.

Side note: isn't it interesting how Kimmy K winds up somehow involved in every story about celebrity sex workers?

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