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Last Friday night, Kanye West debuted his music video for the track "Famous."

And it was unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.

This is not an exaggeration… unless you’ve previously seen a video that featured Kim Kardashian nude, and George W. Bush nude, and Taylor Swift nude and Ray J nude.

Click below for an uncensored look at a still from the video.

Kanye Video Still
Photo via Tidal

Soon after releasing this NSFW footage upon the universe, Kanye basically issued a challenge to all the celebrities whose likeness.

Go ahead and sue me, he said.

TMZ, meanwhile, caught up with Ray J and his manager this week and asked for a response to Ray J being one of the stars who is naked in the video.

It doesn’t sound as if the artist at the center of the Kim Kardashian sex tape will be suing Kanye any time soon..

… but his manager will at least be making some scary and hilarious threats.

"Tell that [N Word] he a long way from Chicago," Wack 100, Ray J’s music manager, says at one point.

He also makes multiple references to Ray J’s penis having at one time been inside Kim Kardashian’s mouth.

Oh, yes. He goes there.

What else does he have to say? Find out now: