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Multiple outlets can now confirm what The Hollywood Gossip reported a few hours ago:

It is all over for Mariah Carey and James Packer.

According to various reports, the billionaire businessman ended his engagement to the flighty and iconic singer a couple of weeks ago.

James Packer Kisses Mariah Carey
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But WHY?!? The answer does not appear to be obvious.

Woman’s Day quoted a source who blamed Packer’s “reservations about Mariah’s new reality TV show,” which does seem to jibe with the fact that Packer is a private individual.

He made his fortune in the casino business and has no interest in the spotlight.

How on Earth did he therefore fall for an artist who is practically as well known for being a spoiled, attention-obsessed diva as she is for her incredible voice?

Who can say? The heart wants what it wants.

Or at least it wanted what it wanted.

But TMZ reports something very different.

According to that typically-reliable celebrity gossip site, Carey and Packer haven’t seen each other or had any contact at all in over a month.

James Packer with Mariah Carey

Their major issue stems from something that happened on boar a yacht while they vacationed in Greece, something that entails Packer having done “something really bad" involving Carey’s assistant.

How is THAT for vague intrigue?!?

The obvious answer here for that "bad" thing would be cheating, but then you would assume TMZ would come out and report that, right?

Maybe there was a verbal or even physical confrontation of some kind?

The insiders would not elaborate, but TMZ says some kind incident did, in fact, take place and it prompted Mariah to bail on the vacation and go back to Los Angeles.

Interesting, no?

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According to People Magazine, though, the breakup was related to a difference in personalities and lifestyles.

“James is all about business and making money,” a source told that publication,, adding that Packer maybe wealthy… but he’s also somewhat reserved.

"Some of Mariah’s eccentric ways, especially her spending habits, caused drama. James is the most generous person ever, but he definitely doesn’t agree with senseless spending," this insider said.

Another source confirms the rumor that Mariah’s reality show (previewed above) turned Packer off. Big time.

“James is very private, and doesn’t need the media to be successful,” this person says. “He doesn’t want to be a part of Mariah’s reality show."

We do now wonder how the breakup will impact the reality show, considering some of it has been filmed already and some of it centered on Carey making wedding plans.


“They are not together right now. They split a couple of weeks ago,” yet another source confirms to People, making a point to add:

“It’s possible they will get back together. They are still talking, but James needed a break.”