Bill Murray or Tom Hanks? Internet Debates Identity of Mystery Celeb

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At first glance, Bill Murray and Tom Hanks may not seem to have a lot in common.

Sure they're both living film legends, but one is best known as the master of comedic snark, the other as Hollywood's go-to leading man for Oscar-bait prestige dramas.

Bill Murray

But on further inspection, Hanks and Murray are more alike than you might initially think:

Both men got their starts in TV comedies.

Both received numerous major award nominations over the course of their iconic careers (though appallingly, Murray remains Oscar-less).

And both would no doubt rank highly in a poll of which celeb Americans would choose as their adoptive dad.

Hanks, T.

Now it seems we have another item to add to the list of common bonds between our two most beloved screen icons.

Hanks and Murray are apparently indistinguishable from one another when they're making a crying baby face:

Bill Murray, Crying Baby

As you can see, that's a photo of Bill Murray holding a baby on a golf course in Scotland.

...Or is it Tom Hanks holding a baby on a on a golf course in Scotland?!

Okay, we won't put you through this.

It's definitely Murray, but for a glorious few hours this week, the pic was the subject of intense debate reminiscent of the time that no one could make up their mind about the color of that damn dress.

Tom Hanks and Wilson

Laura DiMichelle-Ross, the woman who took the photo and the mother of the crying kid, has confirmed that it is indeed Murray in the pic.

(Really, the golf course should've been a dead giveaway.)

Naturally, there are some folks who claim that it's all a ruse and still insist that it's actually a photo of Hanks.

But that's simply a result of the fact that at some point over the course over the past year, bridge trolls who feed on fear and confusion became the majority of Internet users.

Bill Murray, Jenny Lewis Photo

After they've filled your head with Hanks-based conspiracy theories, we're sure they'll tell you all about how the election is rigged.

Of course, we hate to play the hipster card and point out that were were into something before it was cool, but we did post this pic way back in 2013, when it first showed up online.

Just sayin'.

Anyway, as this contentious election season draws to a close, it's time to forget about whom was ahead of what trend, and instead focus on that which unites us:

For instance, we can all agree that both Bill Murray and Tom Hanks are incredible, and it would be an honor to have either one make fun of your crying child.

Also, David S. Pumpkins is pretty amusing, but the joke will get old right around the time the fourth grown-ass man in a jack-o-lantern suit shows up to your Halloween party.

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