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If you watch Teen Mom: OG online, you know what Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney have been meticulously planning their wedding down to the smallest detail.

Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, the best-laid plans of mice and Teen Moms often get blown away by demon skull hurricanes.

Yes, as you probably know, Hurricane Matthew is currently barreling down on the the east coast of Florida, and it’s expected to do more damage than any Atlantic storm in recent decades.

Taylor McKinney & Maci Bookout Close Together
Photo via Instagram

And what does that have to do with Maci and Ryan?

Well, the couple is scheduled to get hitched this Saturday, October 8, in Tallahassee.

Though located in the northwest part of the state, the Florida capital is only about 150 miles from the east coast, and no one knows how far Matthew’s destruction will reach.

At an estimated 600 miles in width, the potentially historic hurricane is larger than the entire state of Florida.

By Saturday, the storm is expected to have moved north into South Carolina, but there’s no telling what sort of destruction it might leave in its wake.

Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney Holding Each Other Close
Photo via Instagram

On top of that, Matthew isn’t expected to begin veering away from the coastline until Sunday, which means much of the southeast can expect rain and high winds throughout the weekend.

Remarkably, Saturday’s forecast calls for sun and temperatures in the nineties for Tallahassee, so Maci and Taylor could lick out.

But given the amount of thought and preparation they put into this wedding, it’s hard to imagine they’re not sweating bullets at the moment.

In related Taylor and Maci news, some fans are reportedly upset over certain items on the couple’s registry.

Taylor McKinney & Maci Bookout Sip Bud light
Photo via Instagram

Yes, apparently, people are pissed that the Bookout and McKinney have registered for – gasp! – stemless wine glasses, beer mugs and champagne flutes.

As you may recall there were rumors that Maci drank while pregnant with her second child, and some folks with far too much time on their hands are taking her registry as evidence that she’s a hardcore boozer.

Obviously, their concerns are ridiculous.

Maci is a reality star from rural Tennessee who’s about to get married in Florida.

If she doesn’t start every day by cracking the Bud Light on her nightstand, something is seriously wrong.

We kid, Florida!

Here’s hoping Taylor and Maci’s nuptials go off without a hitch!