Maci Bookout: Wedding Day and Due Date Revealed?!

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Maci Bookout is kinda like the George Harrison of Teen Moms.

Maci Bookout with Taylor McKinney

She'll never get as much attention as her flashier counterparts (Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood are the John Lennon and Paul McCartney of this analogy), but she comports herself with a humble dignity that's earned her a small but devoted group of diehard fans.

Okay, now as a reward for those of you who stuck with us through that lengthy Beatles analogy, we've got some big news about Maci's upcoming nuptials.

As you probably already know, Maci is engaged to Taylor McKinney, but the couple has been tight-lipped about their wedding plans.

Unfortunately for the newlyweds-to-be, the photographer they hired didn't get the memo that this was to be a low-key affair.

The website for Brittany Photographs revealed that Maci's wedding will take place on the weekend of October 8.

The Chattanooga-based outfit was simply spreading the word that it wouldn't be able to take other clients that weekend, but the message was immediately taken down once Maci's people realized the cat had been let out of the bag.

In other Maci wedding news, Ms. Bookout revealed in a recent interview that the ceremony will be televised:

“[Catelynn Lowell] has given me some tips on having the camera crew and MTV be a part of it,” she told Reveal UK.

“Filming is a lot of work. So having that added stress can be a little tough.”

And it looks like one extra guest will be in attendance, as sources close to Maci is due to give birth to her third child "any day now."

Exciting times in the life of the Quiet Teen Mom.

Watch Teen Mom online to relive Maci and Taylor's road to the altar.

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