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As you’ve likely heard by now, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris on Sunday night.

The incident not only left the reality star understandably shaken, it’s led her to make some changes in the way she presents herself to the public.

Kim hasn’t posted on any social media platform in the days since she was robbed, and sources say she plans to continue keeping a lower profile online.

Kim Kardashian Plays with Hair

Only time will tell if she’ll take a hiatus from the spotlight altogether (There have already been rumors of Kim quitting Keeping Up With the Kardashians for the sake of her safety.), but for now her family members seem to be following suit.

Well, most of her family members, that is.

By some measures, Kylie Jenner is more popular than her sisters these days, and she owes that honor almost entirely to social media.

So it’s easy to see why Kylie is especially reluctant to back away from the ‘Gram.

Just two days after her sister was robbed, Kylie posted this revealing pic online:

Kylie Jenner: Vacation Butt Selfie

And naturally, there was more where that came from.

“Tyga and Kylie are going to keep on doing them,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

The insider adds that Kylie feels that quitting social media or easing up on the frequency of her posts would amount to letting her fans down and letting the men who robbed Kim win:

Kylie Jenner Tries to Seduce

“[Kylie and Tyga] absolutely pissed about what happened to Kim but in no way are they going to let that stop them from promoting their images.

“Kylie has every right to flaunt her jewelry, cars, house, the works. She’s worked hard for all her bling and material possessions and if that’s what makes her happy, then so be it.”

Indeed, she’s posted no fewer than eight pics to Instagram in the five days since Kim fled Paris, many of them showcasing her new fur coat and "rose gold" hair:

Kylie Jenner: Rose Gold Hair

And, of course, Kylie has continued to post just about every second of her waking hours to Snapchat.

Family and friends are said to be concerned that the 19-year-old doesn’t comprehend the ways in which she’s putting herself at risk.

Thankfully, Kylizzle and Tyga did agree to one concession for their loved ones’ peace of mind.

The source says that per Kris Jenner’s request, they’ve agreed to travel with a beefed-up security detail.

“One thing they will do is beef up security,” the insider claims.

“Both of them will have an excess of bodyguards wherever they go — even if it’s to a late night movie, they will have muscles present.”

Better than nothing, we suppose.