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Hold on tight, friends, because things are about to get real damn crazy with the Duggars.

You know how Josh Duggar did many, many terrible things?

Joshua Duggar

As we learned in a whirlwind of nightmares and nausea last year, Josh molested five young girls when he was a teenager.

Four of those girls were his little sisters, and while he was sent away for a while to do some construction work (you can’t make this stuff up), he was never truly punished for what he did.

And then Ashley Madison, a website catering to adulterers looking for side pieces, was hacked, and it was revealed that Josh had an account, essentially meaning that he paid money to cheat on his wife.

A couple of women came forward after that, and they claimed that Josh had paid them for sex, and that he was frighteningly rough with them.

Anna and Josh Duggar

Josh went off to some kind of treatment center, and he did stay there for several months, but now he’s back.

And this is where things start to get bad. Or worse, rather.

Josh has pretty much kept to himself since returning home from the treatment center, and for good reason.

It turns out that most people don’t take too kindly to child molesters who also cheat on their wives and disgrace their families. Who knew?!

Anna and Josh Duggar Photograph

But while Josh has been staying out of the spotlight, and while TLC has said that they have no plans of bringing Josh back on television, it looks like things are about to change.

According to a new report, TLC is planning on allowing Josh to appear on Counting On.

Heaven help us all.

The word is that Josh could appear in an episode in the coming weeks, and that they’ll slowly add him into the mix until he’s a full-fledged star of the show, on the same level as his other siblings.

Josh Duggar, Siblings

This is a terrible idea, to say the least.

Advertisers are already weary of Counting On, and that’s just because Josh is related to the starts of the show.

If Josh himself were to be on the show, you’d have to imagine that advertisers would continue to back out, so how could TLC justify making the show while losing money?

And is employing a person like Josh really a great move for any company?

In a word, no. In a couple of words, hell no.

Josh Duggar Pic

With all that Josh has done, he doesn’t need to be on television. He needs to be off somewhere, figuring out his life and where it all went so wrong.

As it is now, Counting On is pretty cute, with lots of precious babies, some funny courting shenanigans, that kind of thing.

We really don’t need Josh to make everything gross and weird and sad, do we?