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Kylie Jenner’s barely there underwear looks like it’s being digested by her ass – which you can plainly see from the front through all those curves. 

Other things she’s showing off are a super toned stomach and obvious Brazilian wax job…and to say that we’re pretty envious of her figure would be the understatement of a lifetime. 

Still rocking the rose-gold hair color, she flaunted her body in a simple selfie, and for that, we give thanks. 

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As you know, Kylie’s never been shy about showing off her body before, and especially not dat ass—hence the pic she shared of her larger-than-life donk from one of her epic vacation albums.  

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While her tiny underwear photo isn’t nearly as racy as that pic she shared this morning—which she simply captioned, "Morning," it’s pretty good food for thought…not that anybody’s thinking of eating (or much of anything else) while looking at these pics. 

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Jenner’s got a figure to die for, and if the only time we’ll ever even remotely come close to the real thing is via a bevy of beautiful Instagram pics, we’ll take it.

She is, after all, the hottest non-Kardashian going these days, but we have to wonder: how far is she gonna go?

The evolution of her ass has us all wondering – did Kylie go under the knife for plastic surgery, or is she as "genetically blessed" as the rest of her sisters? 

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Kylie’s booty clearly has a mind of its own, and with its size, it’s hardly fair to wonder what it’s thinking. Her ass is the equivalent of Einstein’s brain, and as she gets older, it only seems to get bigger. 

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She’s been looking like this for a bit, now, but lest we forget, it wasn’t so long ago that her ass was much smaller-looking … which lends credence to the rumors that Kylie’s had implants or injections doctored into her backside.  

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It’s okay, Kylie…we won’t tell if you don’t. Or, you know, maybe we will. 

The fate of the world rests on your ass. Er, your shoulders. Come clean while you can, girl. Before it gets to be, you know, too big to clean.

That could get … messy.