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As you probably know, Kylie Jenner take photos of her butt and posts them online for all the world to see on a fairly regular basis.

Sadly, there’s nothing unusual about that in Kylie’s family.

What’s strange about Kylie’s backside selfies, however, is that unlike every other Kardashi-ass, her ‘donk goes through more phases than the moon.

Observe Kylie’s latest on the left, and compare it to a similarly posed pic from back in February on the right:

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Could be the angle. Could be that Kylie lost a few pounds and they all came out her ass. We don’t know. We don’t to be butt-selfie experts, but a lot of Kylie’s followers do, and they claim that this is evidence of padding.

For months rumors about Kylie getting butt implants have been circulating online, and Kylie has denied them at every turn.

Now, many believe she was telling the truth: She didn’t get implants, she’s just been padding.

It makes sense, as the less-permanent solution would go along with Kylie’s M.O.

When she finally admitted to getting lip injections back in May, Kylie called them "temporary lip fillers."

"Temporary," is the key word there. Maybe all of Kylie’s recent cosmetic changes are non-permanent. Hey, maybe Kris jenner has standards as a mother, after all!

Sorry, we got a little carried away with that last part. Still, this could be the first time that being busted for butt padding is a sign of something good.