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Man, poor Kim Kardashian, right?

It’s been nearly three weeks now since she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, and in all that time, she hasn’t made a single social media post — that’s how you know how serious this is.

You also know how serious it is from all the horrifying details of what happened to Kim.

Kim Kardashian at Fashion Week

The concierge of Kim’s hotel spoke out earlier this week, and the new details he gave were sincerely terrifying.

"I saw Kim being pulled out of bed," he began.

He remembered that one of the intruders was "holding his gun in her face," and that "she was crying, she was screaming, saying ‘Don’t kill me, I have babies … I’m a mom!’"

She kept crying, apparently, so much that "one of the gang kept telling her to shut up," and when she started screaming again they put "a long piece of tape all the way ’round her head" to keep her quiet.

The concierge said that while the robbers were going through the place, Kim’s phone rang.

He told them that Kim’s bodyguard was calling, and that if Kim didn’t answer, he’d surely come back to the room.

The men gathered up their haul and left, but not before tying Kim up and throwing her in the bathtub.

So yeah, horrifying, right? And with just the tiniest bit of empathy, it’s easy to see why Kim is struggling with what happened to her.

And, according to this new interview Kourtney Kardashian did, the rest of the family is struggling right along with her.

Kourtney made a quick appearance on Australia’s Today Show, and she confirmed that Kim is "not doing great."

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian: Cosmopolitan's 50th Birthday Celebration
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"I think we’re all really still shaken up," she said, "and you know, I think she has a big, supportive family."

And thank goodness for that, right?

"Like all the traumatic things that we’ve been through, we get through them together as a family," Kourtney went on.

"And that’s what family’s all about."

Kourtney was then asked if Kim’s ordeal had an impact on her personally, and, understandably, it did.

She said "I feel like, in our family especially, we go through traumatic things, our lives move so quickly, sometimes we don’t have time to digest them. I’ve personally been taking time to digest everything and I’m still shaken up."

Kourtney Kardashian Stare

Another Kardashian has said similar things recently — remember Khloe’s interview on Ellen?

"I think it’s just a wake up call to make a lot of life adjustments," Khloe said, presumably talking about the family’s habit of showing off their wealth at every possibly opportunity.

"This is a really serious matter, and for Kim, I think that’s really personal as to when that emotional terror … you could move on from that. I think for us, it’s all a wake up call for all of us, but definitely just to make sure our sister is OK."

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, probably several more times: poor Kim.