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Kim Zolciak has an unusual parenting style.

Whereas some mothers might discourage their daughters from getting a boob job… Zolciak has told 19-year old Brielle Biermann to go right ahead and increase her bust size.

Whereas some mothers might not choose to pose naked with their offspring… Zolciak has a different approach.

To each her own, right?

Kim Zolciak on Don't Be Tardy
Photo via Mark Hill/Bravo

On last night’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy, Zolciak continued to pass along some interesting lessons to her teenager daughter.

At one point, she explained to Brielle that husband Kroy “doesn’t think anyone should have sex until they’re married.”

Of course, those who watch Don’t Be Tardy online – or follow the life of Kim and Kroy at all – are aware that Zolciak got pregnant with a child before she and Biermann exchanged vows.

So we’re pretty sure the couple had sex on at least one occasion prior to marriage.

Later in a confessional, Brielle revealed the following:

“Kim says I should try five to 10 penises before I get married.” 

Well… okay then!

We’re all for teaching kids about safe sex and making sure they’re prepared to enter this kinda scary and dangerous world, but that’s an oddly specific suggestion.

Brielle Biermann on the Phone
Photo via Instagram

Elsewhere, Brielle also confessed that she could never date best friend Zach Baus because “he’s just too nice.”

She also said that ex-boyfrind Slade Osborne "won’t leave me alone."

How did her date with close pal Bennett go?

"Going on my first date since me and my ex-boyfriend broke up wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be," she explained to the camera.

"But I’m not looking for anything serious – by no means. I’m just looking to have fun and get free food."

Back on the adult side of things, Kim, Kroy and Tracey arrived at a casino, where the former asked a cashier for $25,000 in chips.

She kept playing blackjack with this money, she kept losing this money and she kept asking Kroy for more money.

After Kroy advised Kim that she needed a “new game plan,” she went off on her husband.

How dare he suggest that she was bad at gambling and costing the family a near-fortune?!?

"The way you’re treating me is unacceptable," she told Kroy, to which he replied:

“Don’t say stupid s–t.” 

Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak-Biermann
Photo via Mark Hill/Bravo

The thing is, Biermann is currently out of a job.

So it makes sense that he’d be a bit concerned about Kim losing somewhere in the high five figures at a casino.

In closing, Brielle concluded the episode with an empowering statement, declaring:

“I don’t really have feelings towards anybody but myself.”

What about the guys in possession of those five to 10 penises?

We guess Brielle doesn’t need to have any real feelings for them in order to "try" them, as Kim has recommended.