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Kim Kardashian’s horrifying robbery sounded intense as it was – yet these new details behind what really went down are nothing short of bone-chilling. 

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In an interview with the Daily Mail, the security guard involved in the incident reported terrifying details not previously known. 

The hotel security guard revealed, "I went up to the apartment with the robbers."

"I was tied up in the first minutes, with handcuffs," he recalled, clearly still traumatized about the harrowing episode.

"One was attacking her, [and] the second one was with me."

"I saw Kim being pulled out of bed," he remembered. 

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"[Kim was attacked by the intruder], holding his gun in her face," he admitted. 

"She was crying, she was screaming, saying ‘Don’t kill me, I have babies … I’m a mom!’ " 

"Take whatever you want," Kardashian was said to cry. 

The guard recalled that she was wearing a white bathrobe and that her hair was tied up. 

"One of the gang kept telling her to shut up," he continued. 

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"I put my hand on her shoulder and told her to be calm. I said, ‘You have to be silent, you know.’ " he revealed. 

"She sat down on the bed [and] asked me, ‘Are we going to die?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, how can I know’?" 

Kim then started screaming, and the criminals taped her mouth shut – "a long piece of tape," he recalled, "all the way ’round her head." 

The security guard claimed that the men were outraged when Kim revealed – through the guard, who acted as a French interpreter to the men, who he believed to be in their 40s or 50s – that she didn’t have much cash on hand. 

The intruders reportedly told Kim that they were there for money, and not to worry about being hurt. 

"She was so scared," the guard revealed. 

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He continued, and said that the intruders were dressed up in full police garb – hats, jackets, badges; the whole deal. 

The guard also claimed that when the robbers made their entry into the building, they told him not to look at their faces, or he’d be killed. 

"They were very violent," he said, "shaking me, making me lie down on the floor." 

"In the first minute, I was on the floor, handcuffed with my hands in front." 

"It was very scary," he added. 

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During the raid, Kim’s Blackberry was said to ring – it was her bodyguard.  

The security guard advised the intruders that her bodyguard was calling, and if she didn’t answer, that he’d be there with the police shortly. 

After packing up their horde of ill-gotten goods, the intruders were said to bind Kim’s feet with black tape, and dumped her unceremoniously into the bathtub. 

The thieves then fled the scene. 

It’s no wonder, actually, that Kim’s had to endure therapy for this incident. 

We can’t even imagine the terror of the scene. 

Good grief.