Selena Gomez: Mom Seeking Britney-esque Conservatorship?

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All signs point to "yikes." 

Selena Gomez - still fully enveloped in an intensive rehabilitation facility in Tennessee - apparently isn't taking to rehab as well as she should.

... So much so that new reports have emerged claiming that her mother, Mandy Teefy, is looking into a Britney Spears-type conservatorship for her daughter. 

Britney 2.0? 

Selena Gomez Sick Photo

OK! reported that Gomez's mom is worried that Selena's bid to be rehabbed will end badly, and that she's ready to take "extreme measures" if that happens. 

In photos obtained by OK!, Gomez looked tired and haggard, sporting gigantic bags under her eyes and smoking like a chimney. 

Needless to say, she doesn't look the healthiest. 

In Touch reported that Gomez is "ready" to leave the facility, but that she's not even close to being out of the woods yet. 

Selena Gomez WE Day California

A source purportedly told In Touch that Selena is going through hell. 

"Selena keeps saying she feels like hell and wants to leave the facility, or go switch to outpatient treatment." 

"Apparently some of the medicine and treatment she's receiving [to deal with anxiety] isn't working very well," the source revealed. 

The source continued, and claimed that Gomez is even reaching out to her friends and family to help spring her from the rehab. 

"A few weeks ago, [she] called her friends and family and told them that she felt trapped," the insider said. 

Selena Gomez in Staples Center

"Her mom came to visit her and took her out of the facility to talk."  

"She's still telling everyone she wants to go home, and then gets mad because she feels like they aren't listening," the source added. 

The source then claimed that Gomez is so intent on leaving the facility, that it's got her mother majorly concerned about her Disney daughter. 

"[Selena's mother has] been reaching out to find out what it would take to get a conservatorship for Selena," the insider told In Touch.  

Selena Gomes

The mole also said that Gomez's mom fears things will end badly if Selena doesn't get the treatment she needs. 

"Mandy believes that a mental breakdown is possible if Selena doesn't take this rehab stint seriously." 

Rumors have swirled as to what really caused Selena's latest stint in rehab - one of several at just 24 years old. 

Some say that Justin Bieber and their unresolved relationship is the crux of the matter, while others blame her mental health and "poor me" mentality on bad decision-making skills. 

Only one thing can be certain - somebody needs to stop Disney before they ruin all the child stars. 

Our hearts are with you, Selena. 

This can't be easy for anybody. 

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