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This week on Dancing with the Stars, the remaining celebrities (term used loosely) duked it out with a spot in the semifinals at stake.

Who continued to emerge as contenders? Who was sweating it out and worried about their fate with the Dancing with the Stars results?

Maureen McCormick Hand In The Air!

It was "Eras Night" on the hit ABC series, but did all of the contestants do enough to at least make us think they knew what they were doing? 

We’ll run down all of the performances of the night…

Laurie Hernandez and Valentin Valentin Chmerkovskiy – 1960s

Laurie and Val opted to quickstep to "One Fine Day" by The Chiffons. Val was quick to point out that their version of the 1960s was not the hippie/anti-government one. Laurie didn’t seem to have a clue what that meant, but it didn’t matter. 

Surprisingly, the performance was rather energetic and it proved that the duo deserve their place in the competition. 

Score: 34/40.

Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke – 1990s

America’s favorite liar, Ryan and his partner, Cheryl went with "I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith. As much as the song most definitely feels like a pillar of the 1990s, the performance left a lot to be desired. 

The duo have the whole chemistry thing sorted, but they need to work a little better on their choreography if they have any hope of eking out a win. 

Score: 27/40.

Marilu Henner and Derek Hough

Marilu Henner and Derek Hough – 1920s

Marilu and Derek strutted their stuff to "Never Forget You" by Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox feat. Addie Hamilton. Marilu once worked on a production of Chicago, so she has done some 1920s stuff before. 

However, the judges were quick to point out that some of the stuff was out of synch. Ouch. 

Score: 29/40.

Calvin Johnson Jr. and Lindsay Arnold – 1950s

Calvin and Lindsay jived away to "Good Golly Miss Molly" by Little Richard. This couple are definitely one of the best couples to ever grace the ballroom. This energetic performance solidified that. 

There was a glaring issue: Due to a football injury, Calvin struggled with the jive, but Lindsay helped him out and the judges took notice of it. 

Score: 36/40.

Maureen McCormick and Artem Chigvintsev – 1980s

This couple opted to tango to "You Give Love A Bad Name" By Bon Jovi. Artem went all out in his quest to ensure he looked like someone from the 1980s. This involved a wealth of guyliner. There was even a huge brick of a cell phone. Remember those? 

The judges were quick to point out that Maureen started the routine very well, but her performance quickly faltered.

Score: 28/40.

Terra Jolé and Sasha Farber – 1930s

This couple danced to "Cheek To Cheek" by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Terra was down after falling to the bottom of the leaderboard, but Sasha reeled in her husband and two kids to help give her the motivation to further them in the competition. 

Terra was definitely back in her comfort zone throughout the performance and it showed. The couple got positive response from the judges. 

Score: 34/40.

Jana Kramer Does the Tango

Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko – 1970s

Jana and Gleb danced to "Get Down Tonight" by KC and the Sunshine Band. After scoring a perfect 40 last week, the couple knew they would need to up their game to remain close to that number. Jana struggled to work under the pressure. She was scared she would ruin the performance. 

The judges were somewhat disappointed with the end result, but they couple still managed to get a decent score. 

Score: 34/40.

James Hinchcliffe and Sharna Burgess – 1940s

James and Sharna danced to "In The Mood" by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra. Admittedly, the two of them are very cute together and have better chemistry than the other couples. Poor Sharna injured herself during rehearsals, but James did his thing and helped her through it. 

The judges were surprisingly okay with some of the adjustments to the routine. 

Score: 36/40. 

When the performances were all over with, it was time for the Team Dance Challenge. 

Laurie and James were made team captains due to their highest cumulative scores.

Team Past: James and Sharna, Maureen and Artem, Ryan and Cheryl, Calvin and Lindsay

Team Past seemed like they were going to come out of it as the runner up, but even with all the things that went wrong in the rehearsals, they still managed to eke out a win. 

Team Score: 38/40.

Team Future: Laurie and Val, Marilu and Derek, Terra and Sasha, Jana and Gleb

The ladies joined forces and worked with the theme of an apocalyptic young-adult novel. There was some tension throughout rehearsal as the ladies tried to adjust to the hectic schedules. 

The judges collectively agreed that Team Past were better. 

Team Score: 35/40.

When that was all said and done, James/Sharna and Calvin/Lindsay were tied at the top of the leaderboard. 

Maureen/Artem and Jana/Gleb were the two teams in jeopardy. As you can probably expect, Maureen and Artem were the ones to go.