Jenelle Evans SLAMS Catelynn Lowell for Sharing Nude Daughter Video

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Forget Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood's fight at the reunion - it looks like things on Teen Mom: OG are heating up even more. 

After Catelynn Lowell shared an inappropriate, nude video of her one-year-old daughter, she caught tons of flak from the online community. 

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, however, decided to enter into the mix, and slammed Catelynn ... but not for what you'd think. 

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Evans didn't take issue with the wildly inappropriate clip, which featured every last bit of Lowell's daughter's body.

Rather, she took offense that Lowell had the nerve to call those who reported the video "retarded." 

Jenelle tweeted, "Cate, to be honest, that was very low and I'm actually shocked you said that." 

"Please think before tweeting again," she admonished. 

Lowell did apologize for using the term, saying, "Sorry I used the R word."

Catelynn Lowell on Teen Mom

"And if I offended anyone," she continued, "never once did I mean that."

"I am truly sorry."

"I also have family that has special needs," she concluded. 

Though people were pissed that she even used the word, more of the concern was directed at the release of her daughter's nude video. 

"Nova's not a baby; this is not cute - it's child porn," one of the commenters wrote. 

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"Everyone is looking out for Nova and her safety!" another concerned citizen penned, urging Cate to consider the consequences.

"Please delete the snap." 

"Yes, those videos are cute, but for parents' eyes only; not in 2016 for the world to see, [and] not ever on social media," the bashing continued. 

Unless she's training her baby to be used to promiscuous nudity, Lowell would be better off to keep these family videos to herself. 

Catelynn has over 2 million followers on Instagram, and another million on top of that on Twitter. 

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Odds are that at least one of her followers - if not more - are some kind of sexual deviants, because that's, unfortunately, the society in which we all live today, but gosh. 

What special kind of stupid do you have to be to think that the world is all roses and unicorns and pizzas?  

It's just not that way, Catelynn.

Nor has it ever been, and to share this kind of video with the masses is only inviting ... and encouraging ... dangerous trains of thought. 

And when you're getting parenting tips from Jenelle Evans of all people on this earth, that's nothing to brag about. 

Just saying.

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