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What’s with young girls and the desire to have duck lips?

Brielle Zolciak Takes a Selfie In Her Bikini

I’m merely speculating here, but Kim Zolciak’s 18-year-old daughter, Brielle looks as though she’s used fillers in her lip.  

I can assure you at 18, I was not begging my mother to take me to the dermatologist for some "enhancements."  All I wanted was clear skin and to fit into my prom dress.

Accusing someone that young of toying with her looks treads into dangerous territory, but it’s plain to see that Brielle is becoming a carbon copy of her mother.  

Both ladies love showing off their bodies (how those bodies came to be is their little secret), and teasing Instagram followers with photos that may or may not reveal photoshopping.

Brielle’s most recent Instagrams feature her lounging poolside in a neon green bikini and the b-tch looks flawless.

Brielle Zolciak Hangs Out By The Pool

"who needs a filter when life is this beautiful," Brielle wrote from paradise.

Call it age, call it good genes, or call it courtesy of Dr. Med-i-Spa, but Brielle looks like she’s growing up a bit too fast.

The Atlanta-based teen has had her fair share of criticism on social media, which has prompted Kim to defended her daughter against trolls on more than one occasion.

“Hey cuties… #SheIs18AnOldEnoughToHaveABoyfriendSoShutUp #SheIsOldEnoughToWearABikiniSoShutUp #SheIsConsideredALegalAdultSoShutUp #SheIsStillMyBabySoShutUp,” Kim wrote back in April.