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Once again, it looks like the whirlwind Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian relationship may not be not long for this world.

The couple have had numerous very public arguments over the past few months that have thrown their future in doubt. 

Among the most scandalous rumors surrounding the pair, though, is speculation that she may be cheating on him …

Rob and Chyna Photo

Specifically, Chyna has been cheating on Rob with Pilot Jones, a model and actor who may have fathered "Rob’s" baby.


Yes, there’s word that Chyna was getting jiggy with Pilot earlier this year and she apparently met up with him many times. 

Thanks to celebrity gossip site Radar Online, there are now pictures of just how close Chyna was to Jones earlier this year.

As such, fans are increasingly worried about what all of that means for her already unstable relationship with Rob. 

Pilot Jones Photo

There is every possibility that the pictures are from long before Rob and Chyna became a thing … but that’s far from a given.

In any case, they are somewhat troubling. 

According to an insider close to the rumored couple, Chyna and Jones "kissed and made out every time they saw each other."

There’s even word that "They even started to develop feelings too!" Wow. Feelings. That’s when you know it’s serious, right?

"It was a flirty type of relationship, and they hung out every day," the source continued, and that’s not even all:

Robby Kardashian

The insider goes as far as saying that Pilot was in the dark about Chyna dating the infamous reality star at the time.

"Pilot had no idea she was talking to Rob too until it all became public," said the source, noting that he was blindsided.

Bottom line? There are many unsubstantiated claims going on here, but things are not looking good for Rob & Chyna.

We highly doubt it’s true, but can you imagine the outrage if it emerges that Pilot Jones is actually the baby daddy?

Pilot Jones Picture

For the record, Chyna was quick to shoot those rumors down just last month, but all of this new information certainly makes you think.

It’s also become a headache for his bosses at E!

With Rob & Chyna being a surprise ratings hit for the network, the powers that be will be wanting to keep it around for years to come. 

However, of the main issues the producers have come up against is that Rob seems to be picking and choosing when the cameras are rolling. 

It’s been so bad that allegedly, the reclusive star has shut down production and been unwilling to film for weeks at a time. 

Add in the fact that he’s practically deleting all references to his fiancé and baby mama, Chyna, every other day, and well …

There’s gonna be a lot of drama, to say the least, and it may cast doubt on the future of the couple’s reality show dreams.