Pilot Jones: Who is Blac Chyna's Alleged Baby Daddy?

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Pilot Jones is flying under the celebrity gossip radar no longer.

Just a few weeks prior to Blac Chyna giving birth, rumors started to circulate that Pilot Jones is actually the father of this reality star's baby... NOT Rob Kardashian.

Chyna, of course, has blasted this chatter, claiming that Jones is gay and photos of the pair kissing were only snapped so that he could make his boyfriend jealous.

Pretty crazy stuff.

But whether or not Pilot Jones actually impregnated Blac Chyna and whether or not Chyna actually cheated on Kardashian, the question remains:

Who is Pilot Jones? Let's attempt to answer it....

1. He's a Singer!

He's a Singer!
Jones has worked with rapper Trina and released a mixtape titled "Arnold Palmer."

2. He May Have Appeared on Glee

He May Have Appeared on Glee
When reports first surfaced of Jones as Chyna's potential baby daddy, more than one source claimed Jones had appeared on the former Fox hit Glee. But good luck trying to determine who he played on that show.

3. He's a Father Already

He's a Father Already
Of two sons, in fact. We believe one of his kids is named Austin and we know Pilot is posing with them both here.

4. He's Gay

He's Gay
Well, according to Blac Chyna.

5. He Has a Past with Chyna

He Has a Past with Chyna
It's not clear if these two were ever more than friends, but they definitely hung out earlier this year, as she was on his Instagram - and in more than one video.

6. He Loves the Gym!

He Loves the Gym!
Nearly every other social media photo of Jones involves him being shirtless or going to the gym. He's even teamed up with Cosmopolitan to show off his work out abilities.

7. He Has Famous Connections

He Has Famous Connections
Jones has shared many photos with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof and claims the two are "good friends." He's also shared a photo with Empire actress and singer Serayah

8. He Has Filmed a Music Video

And you can watch it here! It's for the song "Closure" and we have mixed feelings about it.

9. He Looks Great Without a Shirt On ...

He Looks Great Without a Shirt On ...
Clearly, the aforementioned workouts are paying off.

10. ... Or Dressed in Seasonal Attire

... Or Dressed in Seasonal Attire
Pilot looks dapper here in autumn as well.

11. He Wears Many Hats

He Wears Many Hats
Literally. But also in the sense that he appears to have a lot going on in his life and career these days.

12. His Motives Are Questionable

His Motives Are Questionable
Think his real agenda is to push this single? Would not be the biggest stretch of the imagination in history.

13. Who is Pilot Jones, Huh?

Who is Pilot Jones, Huh?
That's what he wants you to ask. He understands why you'd pose such a question. After all, the URL of his official website is WhoIsPilotJones.com. We hope we've helped you formulate an answer to that question.

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