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Against all odds, Amber Portwood has carved out a pretty stable life for herself and her daughter, Leah.

Sure, Amber is still engaged to Matt Baier, but she’s also a homeowner who makes an effort to get along with her baby daddy, and genuinely seems to want what’s best for her daughter.

Of course, she’s still a Teen Mom, which means she’ll never be able to resist the siren call of going under the knife to make herself unrecognizable.

Amber Portwood blond

Amber recently shelled out to undergo a series of procedures packaged and marketed together as a "mommy makeover."

Because in 2016, even surgeries are subject to being branded with a non-threatening, cutesy name by some slick Don Draper type.

"My mommy makeover is officially happening! Losing weight and gaining weight + having a baby can change your body. Time to feel good again," Amber tweeted last week.

Not the coolest thing for someone whose online following consists primarily of girls and young women to equate "feeling good" with surgically altering your appearance, but hey, for the most part Amber is a pretty positive role model.

Amber and Matt on Instagram

"Had my mommy makeover and I’m now in recovery.

"If you want your post mommy body back or you’ve lost a lot of weight then I would recommend."

As for exactly what Amber had done – well, that remains unclear.

The details she’s provided thus far pertain to the procedures she skipped.

It seems Amber decided to eschew the tummy tuck that’s traditionally part of the package.

The reason?

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier selfie

"I didn’t get the tummy tuck because I do plan on having more kids," she tweeted to a fan who asked if she plans to expand her family.

We suppose that’s not terribly surprising.

After all, Amber is soon to marry Matt Baier, who might have seven kids!

So clearly the guy enjoys making babies.

Although, he’s also being sued for six figures in back child support, so maybe he’s not the best dude to get knocked up by.

Like we said, Amber’s doing better these days, but she’s still a Teen Mom, which means bad decisions are second nature to her.

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