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Just when it looked like things were finally beginning to fall into place for Amber Portwood, we come to find out she’s involved with one of the shadiest Teen Mom dudes in the history of the franchise.

And if you watch Teen Mom online, or even keep up with the tabloid drama surrounding its troubled cast members, you know that’s no small feat.

Amber and Matt

The suspicions began when we learned that Matt Baier might have seven children by as many as five different women.

Shortly thereafter, word spread that Baier has eight kids by six different women. 

Amber has defended Baier in interviews, dismissing his rampant deadbeat dad-ness as a series of unfortunate "mistakes."

Now, Baier is speaking out for himself and setting the record straight with regard to just how many kids he’s not supporting.

“I have five children [ranging in age from 13 to 25], and all of them have come from long-term relationships," Baier tells In Touch

“There are not seven child support cases against me – that is completely not true. I paid child support for all my kids,” Baier explains.

“I have an arrangement where I pay for education and a few other things. [However,] I don’t have to pay for two of my girls because they have been emancipated…Amber has met them and everyone gets along.”

As for Baier’s relationship with Gary Shirley, who was the first to publicly accuse him of keeping multiple children a secret, Matt says that’s water under the bridge.

“When he brought up the accusations, I was very hurt,” says Matt. “But since then, Gary’s been very apologetic. He looked me in the eyes and said, ‘I’m sorry.’”

He adds that his relationship with Amber has never been stronger.

“It’s sad that people are coming up with these crazy stories. Amber and I have a healthy relationship. We have no secrets from each other.”

Sigh. Something tells us there’s some major drama ahead for these two.