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An Alabama teenager is the main suspect in a double homicide after allegedly murdering his parents

Yes, you read that correctly. 

Jesse Holton is the name of the 17-year-old who killed his parents. 

Jesse Holton Mug Shot
Photo via Elmore County Sheriff

His father was Mike Holton, the former mayor of the family’s hometown of Eclectic, Alabama. 

Crimes like this in the small town are pretty much unheard of. 

"Eclectic is a very small, close knit community where everybody knows everybody," says Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin.

"It’s not everyday that we have a double homicide."

Thus far, Jesse has been charged with murdering his father and will be charged as an adult. 

He’s also expected to be charged for murdering his mother, April Holton. 

All of the trouble kicked off on Sunday, when Mike and April returned home from a trip to find their home was completely trashed after Jesse threw a party. 

Mike was not impressed that his son had took drugs in the house and trashed it, so he called the cops. 

When the cops arrived, they found that Mike had handcuffed his son to try "get his attention."

Soon after, Mike revealed to the deputy that he and his wife intended to sign a petition against his son. 

He wanted his son to pay for the damage to the home during his drug fueled binge. 

It then emerged that Jesse was taking Adderall, a drug that is often used to treat ADHD. 

The deputy also found a pipe that was used to smoke marijuana at the home, so this was collected as evidence. 

"Everything was calm when the deputy left," Franklin revealed.

However, the police received another 911 call 20 minutes later. 

When the police returned, they found Mike in the master bedroom with a gunshot wound in the head. 

April was "clinging to life" after being shot in the head, but she sadly passed away on Monday. 

Afterwards, Jesse revealed to Franklin that "he is a pothead."

Mike was the mayor of the small town from 2012-2014 and April was allegedly a devoted mother. 

"They were both well known in the community," he says.

"It’s a very sad situation."