Taylor Swift: Singing About Tom Hiddleston in New Single?

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At the Emmys this past Sunday night, Tom Hiddleston said he doesn't want to talk about his breakup with Taylor Swift.

And Taylor Swift agrees...

... she wants to SING about it!


The Internet is abuzz over the possibility that country artist Kelsea Ballerini leaked snippets of a collaboration with Swift on Snapchat yesterday.

You can listen to the possible upcoming song between these two friends above.

And then you can speculate can speculate along with the rest of us whether or not it is about Hiddleston and Swift's recent split from the actor behind Loki.

In the video, we hear a few lyrics from a single that certainly sounds like it is being sang by Swift.

And these lyrics also sound like something she would sing about a relationship that started out strong... had its high points... and then fizzled out in the end.

To wit:

We didn’t know it/Thought we could grow it/Beautiful for a moment/We were roses.

Kelsea Ballerini and Taylor Swift


Taylor and Tom thought they could grow their romance.

It seemed beautiful for the few weeks in which it was running on all cylinders.

But that ended up being a fleeting moment that came crashing down in the end.

Call us paranoid (or really astute), but this comes across like the Taylor Swift breakup song we've all expected her to make about the conclusion of Hiddleswift.

The actress and the actor broke up in early September.

They were only together for about three months, but they generated enough headlines during that time period to last a lifetime.

Did Swift cheat on Calvin Harris with Hiddleston? Which party broke up with the other party?

And was this relationship even real? Or was it strictly a pairing set up by publicists to help Swift and Hiddleston's career?

You can actually vote below on that latter question...

And the Winner is?

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are no longer dating. Was the relationship ever real, though? VOTE NOW! View Poll »

According to a surprising Us Weekly story, Swift pulled the plug because she actually wanted to keep the romance more private.

“Taylor knew the backlash that comes with public displays of affection," this tabloid cover story says. "But Tom didn’t listen to her concerns when she brought them up.”

This doesn't sound like the Taylor Swift who has built a reputation as someone who prefers to flaunt her relationships as much as possible.

But perhaps she has learned her lesson. Or perhaps this anonymous insider had his or her information wrong.

It didn't help that Hiddleston was spending a lot of time in Australia, filming a new movie.

Long distance is difficult for any couple to handle, even for stars who can afford to fly in private jets back and forth to see each other.

Hiddleswift Cover

But Hiddleston will soon be finished shooting the aforementioned film. Might this mean a reconciliation?

"They could get back together when Tom is done filming and comes back to the States," the insider tells Us Weekly.

"It’s possible they will see each other and make it work. She had an amazing time with him."


If that happens and if the above single really is about Hiddleston, Taylor may want to think twice before releasing it.

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