Taylor Swift: How is She Holding Up?!?

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In case you (somehow) have not heard, it is all over for Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.

The couple, whose red hot romance dominated nearly every celebrity gossip news cycle all summer long, has fizzled out.

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Where did it go wrong? No one seems to really have the answer.

A couple of reports actually claim that Hiddleston and Swift argued over how public their romance had become... with Hiddleston being the one pushing to keep it that way.

Yes, these reports really do allege that Swift was trying to keep a relationship on the Down Low for the first time in her life.

Other reports, however, try to make it clear that Hiddleston was the one to dump Swift.

"He grew tired of Taylor, it wasn’t the other way round," an insider claims, adding:

"Tom drifted from her and it had nothing to do with her being put off by the publicity."

Taylor Swift Dances with Tom Hiddleston

Okay, fine. Whatever.

Truth be told, we may never know what drove the Avengers actor and solo artist apart.

But that's the past. What about the present and the future? How is Taylor Swift holding up amidst her latest much-publicized split?

"She is doing OK," an insider tells E! News of Swift. "Tom and her at times were on two different pages."

But what book were they even reading from?

The one in which they really did fall for each other? Or the one in which they agreed to pretend to date in order to help their careers?

Fans and critics continue to disagree on the answers to these questions.

But you can vote below: Do you think Swift and Hiddleston's relationship was real or fake?

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E! reports that things were very much on the up and up.

The feelings were there and the feelings were true. Tom and Taylor just flew too close to the passionate sun.

"It was a very emotion-filled time [they] spent together," this same source says. "It was a very fast and heavy relationship."

Neither Hiddleston nor Swift has spoken yet on what transpired.

Heck, neither Hiddleston nor Swift really spoke out during their whirlwind romance, either.

They simply traveled the globe together and were snapped in many cozy or awkward photos.

Remember the time, for example, when Ryan Reynolds sat next to the couple this summer and appeared to want to be anywhere else on the planet?

Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Fourth of July Pic

Swift and Hiddleston remain on "amicable terms" and even spoke this week, E! writes.

The outlet adds that Swift is not crying herself to sleep at night or burying her face in a pint of ice cream. She's keeping her head up, largely thanks to the help of her Squad.

"She is hanging with her girls for emotional support and friendship," the insider says. "She has a close set of women around her."

This much we definitely know; Swift has made it very apparent over the years.

Swift and Hiddleston first made headlines after photos of them kissing on a beach in Rhode Island went public in June, not long after Taylor broke up with Calvin Harris.

This has probably been the worst summer of Taylor's life, considering the flak she has received for maybe faking her relationship and the way Kim Kardashian called her out for being a liar several weeks ago.

It's pretty amazing how far Swift's Q rating has fallen in such a short period of time.

She hasn't done drugs. She hasn't committed any crimes. She's barely even said or done anything; nearly all of the criticism of Taylor Swift is based on circumstantial "evidence" and third party sources.

Isn't it time we gave her a break?

We love you, TayTay!

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