Big Brother Recap: Who Made Final Five?

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Natalie and James continued to bicker on the latest episode of Big Brother and it was super annoying. 

James wanted to make sure his last few days with Natalie were well spent, but all Natalie was concerned with was whining at James for making the wrong decision in the game. 

I'm now firmly believing that getting in a relationship with Natalie is what ruined his game.

Natalie Negrotti

Yes, Natalie has won a HOH competition, but she wouldn't be at that stage of the game to win anything if it wasn't for James shielding her. 

The last straw for James was when Natalie refused to sleep in the same bed as him.

He let rip about her throwing him under the bus. 

Natalie was absolutely furious, but James had every right to call her out. She's made him look silly in front of America. 

Natalie was blatantly speaking to Paul and Victor as an opportunity to shift the target from her to James, but the rest of the house understood what was going on. 

Victor Arroyo

Victor tried to build a bridge with James because he thought he could use him down the line, but I don't see any way James joins back up with Paul & Victor. 

There's more chance of him joining forces with Nicole and Corey, but Natalie warned him against doing that. 

Corey confided in Nicole about the way Natalie was acting.

Nicole confirmed that James is no longer playing the game. He's been blinded by his showmance. 

It just goes to show that a showmance can ruin a game.

It's crazy that three duos have made it to the end of the game.

It's unheard of. 

Even Jeff and Jordan agreed. Yes, CBS seems to think bringing all these past houseguests on for a chat is what viewers want to see. 

We'd much rather have more time to watch the HOH competition, rather than be directed to purchase the live feeds at the conclusion of the episode. 

At the eviction ceremony, Natalie was evicted by a vote of 3-0. 

James Huling

Natalie made it pretty clear that James is her best friend when exiting the house, but she did not reveal whether the two of them would continue their relationship. 

That's pretty ominous, but maybe she's waiting to see if James joins forces with Nicorey before making a decision.

If that's the case, he can do better. 

We got to see Michelle arriving in the jury house and everyone was shocked.

Michelle continued to be bitter towards Nicole and made fun of her when they were watching the tapes back. 

Da'Vonne Rogers

Da'vonne revealed that even though she has beef with Nicole, her game play is picking up and she has to compliment her for that.

Maybe the jury aren't going to be so bitter to Nicole after all. 

The HOH competition kicked off and the episode concluded before we got to witness any of it go down. 

There will be evictions on Tuesday and Wednesday next week that will leave us with the final three houseguests. 

What did you think of the episode?

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