Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton: Still Together, But…

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For the record, let's get this out of the way up front:

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are still together.

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Following Tuesday night's emotional Bachelor in Paradise finale, the couple remains engaged.

But will they actually make it down the aisle?

The answer to that question does not seem as definitive, not after reading what sources have told Entertainment Weekly about Murray and Stanton.

"Josh and Amanda are still engaged, but it's been a tough road," an insider tells that outlet, adding:

"They have broken up a couple times since getting home and have had a rough start to their relationship."

Murray, of course, has a checked past of being engaged.

He proposed to Andy Dorfman to conclude her season of The Bachelorette, only to split from his fellow reality star a few months later, in Januay of 2015.

In her new memoir, Dorfman positively SLAMMED Murray, writing that her time with him was the "most volatile and f-cked up relationship of my life."

She added that Murray used Dorfman's sexual past with Nick Viall to refer to her as a "whore."

In response, Murray has referred to his ex-fiancee's allegations as "ludicrous."

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton Kiss!

Murray’s co-stars on Bachelor in Paradise often brought up Dorfman’s book, however, making for quite an awkward situation.

Is what why things may now be falling apart between him and Dorfman?

Not really, although it clearly doesn't help.

"Part of it in the beginning was the distance, and the other part was added pressures like dating in the 'real world,'" the source tells ET.

Murray moved this summer from Atlanta to California to live with Stanton and her daughters.

The presence of these two children add new pressures and obstacles for the couple, even with Stanton saying on the Bachelor in Paradise finale after-show that her kids love Josh.

She told Murray on the aforementioned finale that he's the "sweetest," most "perfect" guy and the stars are certainly saying all the right things now.

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"Things are going amazing! We balance each other out so very well. She's a calming force. She helps bring that inner peace to me. I finally met my unicorn!" Murray hilariously tells Us Weekly in its latest issue.

Amanda, meanwhile, said she wants more kids with Murray... eventually.

"He's so dedicated and so loyal. He's sweet and thoughtful and caring - it's not just something he turns on for the cameras," she told Us.

Are things between them crazy and hectic?

Yes, Josh admits, but: "It's fun. That's life."

It is after you met and supposedly fell in love on a reality show, we guess.

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton: Engaged!

Do you think Josh and Amanda will make it?

Do you think Amanda should read Dorfman's book and open up her eyes to what Murray is really like?

Or should we just leave these two alone (after they stop giving magazine and television interviews) and let them live their life to see what transpires?

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