Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 Episode 11: Who Got Engaged?!?

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Four couples entered on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 Episode 11.

And three couples left engaged.

Chris Harrison on Bachelor in Paradise

Which twosomes went home happy? Who was left in tears by the end of the finale? And what the heck is in the Mexican water that caused six people to go from single to engaged in a matter of weeks?!?

Let's find out!


They woke up from their Fantasy Suite night as in love as ever. Carly even said she was a fan of Evan's rapping ability.

She's "changed my life by accepting every part of me," Evan gushed.

Enter our man Neil Lane, who would show up A LOT during the finale, and enter a proposal on the beach.

"Carly Waddell, will you freaking marry me?!?" he actually asked.

And she said yes! Hooray! Status: ENGAGED!

Evan Bass


Grant woke up in the Fantasy Suite feeling "weird in a bad way," while Lace began to cry out of fear over what Grant would do. (She also may have still been drunk from the evening before.)

She wondered why the pair got tattoos on the previous Bachelor in Paradise episode if they still weren't sure they'd be getting married.

That's a great question.

Another great question: Will you marry me?

Grant asked it. Lace accepted it. And we have another engagement to celebrate. Status: ENGAGED!

Grant Kemp


"It is truly amazing what private alone time does for a relationship," Nick said upon waking up in the Fantasy Suite.

In other words: we totally boned!

Jen, meanwhile, was excited for a proposal, while Nick went to pick out the ring.

All good, right? Maybe all that Nick Viall as The Bachelor talk was just a red herring to throw us off?

Or maybe not...

"I've fallen in love with you, and I want to continue to fall if you're willing to catch me," Jen said.

Nick then started to cry and rambled on about how Jen deserves someone better than him and that he fears he will regret a proposal.

"K," Jen replied.

Really. That's what she said, prior to the two walking away and getting into separate cars. Status: NOT ENGAGED.

Nick Viall Ring Shops


These two had been sleeping in the same bed for awhile.

So, yes, their Fantasy Suite night went well, but that was to be expected.

Josh then expressed some fear over Amanda having two daughters before saying:

"On the day I was proposing last time, I definitely had reservations and I definitely don't want to make the mistakes I made in the past."

Andi Dorfman Shade Alert, huh?!?

But Josh still went through with another proposal this time around, telling Amanda:

"This is the best woman in the world. Seriously. Like, there is no better. None. Ever."

"You're the sweetest. You're perfect. You're like, my dream guy," Amanda replied.

Josh Murray Ring Shops

So there you have it. One finale. Three engagement.

You can watch Bachelor in Paradise online to see how it all went down and you can look forward to more Bachelor in Paradise next summer.

ABC has renewed the show for Season 4!


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