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It’s been three weeks since disgraced reality star Josh Duggar entered rehab for sex addiction issues, leaving his future very much in flux.

Might she be defying the odds and leaving him imminently?!

Many fans and critics of the Duggars are still hoping – for the sake of his long-suffering wife – that he won’t have a family to return home to.

That unlikely scenario actually could actually come to fruition, even though for a time, this seemed impossible or darn near close to it.

The Duggars don’t "believe" in divorce, and not only would Anna have no education or life of her own to fall back on, she blames herself.

Seriously, that’s about as upsetting as it gets right there.

Moreover, her family is said to be as conservative if not more so than the Duggars, though they have vocally condemned Josh’s behavior.

Now, it looks as though Anna may have gotten the message, as it is widely reported that she has left Arkansas to move in with her parents.

The Kellers live in Florida, so this is no small feat.

Now, however, In Touch also implies that this could have been done so her parents could assist her with the raising of her four children.

Josh might be in rehab for up to six months, with limited visitation allowed, so it’s still unclear if she plans to leave her husband for good.

Anna’s siblings have encouraged her to leave Josh, but her devoutly religious parents reportedly still believe that she should stick it out.

Even after he stuck it in Danica Dillon. Sick.

Despite her husband’s many, many shortcomings, and the fact that they are livid with how she’s been treated, they know no other way.

“They won’t encourage a separation,” a source close to the family tells Radar Online. “They think she should work it out with him.”

Many fans assumed, and understandably so, that Anna’s decision to move so far away was a sign that she was moving on with life.

Fed up with his infidelity – not to mention the nature of it, and lying and hypocrisy that went along with his cheating – who could blame her?

No one. Absolutely no one. But she is torn, guaranteed.

Her views on Josh may vary from day to day, even hour to hour; Anna was as blindsided as one can be, and this takes time to process.

We caution again, too, that spousal visits are simply not permitted during the first few months of Josh’s intensive treatment program.

Thus, she could very well be "looking forward to seeing him in a month or two when the first spousal visitation is allowed,” says a source.

“She just prays that he gets the help he needs.”

So, looks like Anna may be standing by her man after all. Or not. Or definitely not if another Danica Dillon or 10 come out of the woodwork.

Stay tuned …